Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why do we live here?

I know that's what i keep asking myself with all this stupid weather! When will it quit? I guess we'll deal with it and i know soon enough I'll be complaining about how hot it is. So i guess I'll deal with it for know.

Brody entered his very cool Jelly fish craft into the school book fair compation, and he won from his class. It was pretty cool, him and Brad worked pretty hard on it. So he won $7 towards a book at the book fair and this is the one he picked. he was pretty excited about it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Not much has gone on this last week! So there's not much to write about except, Mom went on a much deserved trip to AZ. to visit Aunt Jean and thus left us (Me, Brad and Kids) in charge of Dad. Well Mom should know better we can hardly keep ourselves together. Anyway all was going fine till Sunday and It was kinda crazy I had to run out and do family pictures for someone at 9:30 (they were desperate) then i got home and was suppose to take dad to his church at 10:30 cause he's the usher, Any way long story short i told Brad to remind me so i blame him totally, Anyway 5min to 11 i go screaming out the door that i forgot Dad. I speed over there and Poor dad had just gone in to call me. He had waited out in the open garage for 25min! What kind of a daughter am I! Anyway he made it to church just not in time to do his job. The kids have been doing a great job of taking care of dad though. Paris want to go check up on grandpa every morning at about 8:00 which i have to explain every morning that grandpa wont be awake that early. So she heads out about 9:30 or 10:00 to check up on Dad get a snack (which is usually chocolate) and watch a few retro cartoons before kindergarten starts. I think Dad will be happy when mom gets home and gets rid of us calling all the time coming over ect. oh well we are taking our job very seriously after our one big screw up.

I threatened to cut Blazes hair on Sunday, It was so long but the only way you can tell it's long it the "Fag Tag"( I don't know what else to call it) In the back, His hair is just like B's and sticks to his head, Anyway if i threaten to do it Brad always makes sure it gets done because one time i made Blaze look a little patchy. Anyway he cried the whole time and kept yelling OUCH!OUCH! It was funny but hopefully he wont need a hair cut again anytime soon.

On Friday i sent the kids uptown to buy me some mandrine oranges. After writing a detailed map of the store and wrote out the word mandrine so B would know what it looked like, They were off with 5 dollers in there pocket and the instructions to get 2 cans. So not 5 min later i get a phone call (B and Paris take my cell phone so they can call) Brody asked if they really need 2 cans or i could just have one can, I asked why and they had found a lemonaid stand on the way to the store, What a dilemma so i said fine get the lemonaid and get one can of oranges. So they did succeffully and made it home and i turned them around to return a movie i'd forgotent to send the first time and gave them each .50cents for lemonaid and 5/5cent candies from the store! (i know big spender) Anyway a few minutes later Brody call's and was extatic! "Mom you'll never guess what........ The Lemonaid stand had Popped Popcorn!!!!! So for there big 25cents they got popcorn and Lemonaid! WoW. I think that's the most excited he's been. This is one of the reasons i love living in a small town!! Kids can walk uptown by themselves and you can trust the lemonaid stands around the corner!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Totally Random for Mom

There you go mom! And again don't worry about Dad i promise now we have it under control! Hehe..... tell me what you think of the fam. picture mom.