Friday, February 5, 2010

What to do???

Our Brody is a fantastic little goalie. We've heard it from Lot's of people, It makes us feel good even though we did not do one thing to make him that way. It makes him feel good to hear it. He's got a passion for the game, so when we got a phone call last Saturday from the Southern Alberta triple A Elite Team coach or manager, B and Brad got really excited (OK i was excited as well).
They said a couple of the coach's had see B play at a tourney and wanted him to come tryout with them.

This team is a team made up of the top players in Southern Alberta who play spring hockey all over alberta and i guess into Sask. So Brad took B to the Practice tonight. They walked in and the two coaches came right over and were excited to try B out. Brad said B was on fire tonight. He made tonnes of glove saves on the coaches and the players.

Long story short they were so impressed with B. The one Coach has been doing this for 15 years and he said B is easily one of the top 3 in his age group that he's ever seen. They took Brad into the other locker room and said they want him on the team for sure.

This is super exciting for B and Brad, But our first concern is Sunday Play................ We don't do it. So Brad told him, the coach said they do have there practices on sunday but if B play's they will switch them to saturday's and as for games on sunday, He said the only ones are tourney games which there is only 3 so we think we maybeable to skip them.
Our other main concern is obvioulsy the Money............... and it cost, but they are willing to cut our fee in half which is awsome but still pricey plus they have 3 tournys one in Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon so it the gas money and lodging. We could do it but it's a tonne of commitment.

Oh what to do???? Im really just thinking out load. I guess we'll decide by sunday. But all in all we are so proud of B! It's away's so good to hear how great you kid's are!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So i heard today that sugar effect's the same part of the brain as Crack would. So i figure that's why i can't quit sugar. But it makes me think further what part of the Brain does Diet Dr. pepper affect? Must be the whole Brain cause i can't quit that either. Things that make you go Hmmmmm

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentines day..........

So swiftly approaching is valentines day. I love valentines day, I'm not going to lie, it's mostly because of all the fun candy that we get to buy that's all red and pink. I made a trip to the bulk barn Mmmmmm I Heart the Bulk Barn. There were Bin's upon Bin's of red and pink candy along with Heart sprinkles, cookie cutters and so many other things.

So we are making cookies, Blaze got to decorate his this morning. He love to decorate the cookies and then eat the icing and decorations and leave the cookie a sloppy mess, but i guess what ever works for ya.

So this is Blazes Valentines that he will be handing out............

Today we had a hoar frost................................... I am not going to dive into the internal discussion i had this morning on why it was call this name. But I decided to take advantage of it and go click a few pics of Blaze. It was very pretty

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What to do with my baby

My baby as in my little girl. We were so excited when she was born, She was the cutest baby. And a sweet one as well. After having Brody who had colic, she was a joy. She always has been. She so eager to please. She's got a great sense of humor and she is so eager to please us all the time.
We have found with our Paris if you give her a bit of praise she will do anything she can to make sure she's doing good and that everyone is happy. With Brody having a few anxiety problems sometime Paris does not get as much attention because we are focused on him.
I adore my Paris she has the sweetest spirit. Hmmm what to do? Any suggestions? It's so hard to focus on one child when you have 3 others that seem to need more attention.
Ok so any suggestions??


Sunday, January 31, 2010

A successful Sunday

What is a successful Sunday to you? To some it maybe a great Revelation, to others it may be having a complete day of service, and others a day of meditation and reflecting.

Or most successful Sunday happened today. Yes i would like to say it was filled with Revelation, service, Peace and rest but alas it was not.
Our Successful Sunday consisted of..............
1. arriving to church on time! Yes you read this right we were on time we were seated before anything started. That's right 9 '0clock Church the Wolsey's arrived on time!
2. Not once did Brad or I have to leave during sacrament. Not once did we have to break up a fight, and not once did we have to say "oh for crap sakes just give i to him so he will quit screaming" Yes that's right ,not once
3. Brad and I both got to have a nap at the same time for a hour.

That is a successful Sunday at the Wolsey house. More then i could have ever asked for. Nothing could have ruined the day.........................
Even the moment of my day when i was walking between sacrament meeting and Sunday school and realized my skirt was on inside out. Yep not even that ruined my day ( embarrassed yes but ruined no).