Saturday, May 23, 2009

So Brad and I have always prided ourselves on being pretty easy going (yes sometimes to easy going) But we decided early in our Marriage that most things that happen and make us crazy really don't matter. So when big thing's like owing $6500 for taxes this year instead of the expected $2000 we just say wow that really sucks!!! Good thing we've been putting away savings, oh well i guess we wont be paying off that student loan yet! It really has worked out well for us by accepting what we can't change and dealing with it together. So long story short I've been having a really hard time lately with everything and i know it's totally hormonal but as most women know you can't change that! I found myself following Brad around the yard today complaining about everything!! And when i say complaining, I think Brad would use a much stronger word! Anyway after much thought about the last couple weeks and things just not going our way at all, I decided to play the glad game. Missy brought it up on her Blog a few months back and i decided it was time for me to give it a try cause there is so much to be glad about if i really think about it so here goes.......
I'm glad the tire went flat so the kid's could come out to help change the tire cause then Paris had Plumbers Bum and it made me laugh! SHHHHH don't tell her!

I'm glad Blaze loves wheels so he could help daddy by painstakingly unscrewing 2 of the lug nut's without any help from Daddy! And we could find out that our Brake pads are down to almost nothing. But I'm glad there still is a little bit of pad left.

I'm glad I've got a camera that i can take pictures of Kid's dirty toes.

I'm glad for B...........Just for Being B. He is such a good boy and we have learned so much from him some knowledge we are glad for other not so much.

I'm Glad Blaze (who hates the Bath) Likes some kind of H2O even if it is poopie irrigation water

I'm glad Paris could come get her toes done with me this month and I'm also glad we have toes.

I'm glad Paris' horse lessons got changed for today instead of next week.(I don't think we could stand two overly emotional girls in the house for a whole week)


Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Fathers day to BRAD!!

This week has moved by pretty quick! The kid's finally got back to school on Wednesday! Well after a little morning "I don't want to wake up" from Brody, He did arrive by 10:30 but boy does he have a stubborn streak............(i wonder what side of the family that comes from?) Anyway one funny thing did happen on our long weekend, Brad and the 2 older kids were going to sleep out in the tent but due to circumstances beyond our control (fireworks) the kid's decided they needed to come inside so they got to sleep on the floor in our room (big thrill) Anyway about 2am Paris starts crying and yelling so i as fast as i could rolled out of bed to see what was going on, Anyway i flipped on the light and she was stuck halfway under the bed just her little leg's were sticking out? I do not know how she ended up there, She was fast asleep on her giant bear when Brad and i went to bed. Anyway it kinda reminded me of my "White Cave Experience (for those of you in the know).

So I'm super excited about fathers day this year, Brad's been asking for pictures for the office they had frames for a 8/10 and 3 4/6 pictures. Anyway I'm in no condition for a family photo so we decided for fathers day we were going to do special pictures for Daddy's work. So I'm still deciding between the 2 kids ones but the bottoms i think are the for sure ones for the 4/6's. I thought it was a fun idea and the kid's loved the idea cause it was a fun picture taking time (well for them). Anyway Let me know what you all think between the 2 pictures with all the kiddies together!! I'd love to hear your thoughts!




Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So It's Official..............

This is a picture of me prego with Blaze just to say i'm not alway's so huge!

I really am huge! I' ve been having issues about this the last month or so, Anyway I went to the doctor today and he made it official I'm am huge. I layed down for the regular measure and he measured me and followed that with a "Wow how big was your biggest baby?" O geeze right! I told him it was B at 8Lbs 3 ounces which is not huge but he was also 10 day's early followed by Blaze who was actually 13 day's early at 7 lbs 4 ounces. Anyway So the Doctor looked me up and said my date according to my Monthly is the 27th but the ultra sound is the 19 and by the way he was talking it should have been a week ago! Long story short i came away a little more depressed then when i stepped in, But on the upside of things he's on holiday's starting 28th so he said we'll make sure you have it before then and maybe awhile before then! So that is great news's but at the same time im huge!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?

Yes it did!! I carefully picked a dress this morning put it on and looked long and hard in the mirror. Debating if it made me look bigger then i actually am or not. So after careful consideration i walked out and asked Brad (in front of the kids) If this dress made me look big, He wisely said no you look good, I think i was mostly because he knew if he said anything else the morning would end with me in my undies crying on the bedroom floor cause nothing looks good or fits and it would me he has run the risk of being late for church which he hates. So of course he said no Kade you look great! But meanwhile B sticks up his little finger about a inch apart and said ok mom you don't look really good. So of course I turned around while Brad gave B the "You never say that to your mom till after she has the baby Lecture" Soon he came In with a quick apologies. And the morning went on. So i get to church and got caught in the hall chatting with some people and Brad and the kids were in head so i trailed in and had to waddle the whole way across the chapel to find them. Anyway as soon as church was done Sis. G said hey you look so good, Your due pretty soon eh! And i said well in 2 and 1/2 months, which she followed with oh really wow! Soon after i got Blaze to nursery i ran into Sis. D who asked how much longer........... 2 1/2 months and she followed that with a holy cow KD You are huge and she said it over and over again! And then the Bishop Came up and said wow you must really be uncomfortable! The rest of church the comments came..............
Long story short never believe the husband always believe your 7 year old who is not worried about having a crying mommy or being late for church! I'm throwing that dress away!