Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a super fun day here in Utah with Ali and the family. The Easter bunny came Saturday morning to the kiddies and they were so excited. They got lots of treats. Then in Ali's Neighborhood they have a egg hunt. Between 4 yards. The Mom's go out at 9'o'clock and hide egg's and the kids go out at 10'o'clock all gather in the middle of the road between the 4 houses and take a picture then the kid's are off. They had so much fun and got tonnes of egg's and treats. Thanks to Auntie Ali, Blaze even got into it. He was going crazy finding. Once Paris figured out what was going on she when to town as well. B as usual was right on top of what was going on and had his basket full in no time and was very happy to share with other kids. Overall a super fun day!
Hope everyone has a super Easter weekend!

Paris Basket full!

Kids all checking out there loot!

B's Basket overfull

Blaze finding a well hidden egg

Being friends with auntie Ali

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today our little Blazer had to get tubes in his ears. We had to be in lethbridge at the hospital at 6:20am which i didn't think was possible but we made it. We did all the preOp paper work and got him already to go. We were quite nervous because Blaze has a problem with everyone but Brad and sometimes me. Anyway he got busy playing in a big red wagon and the nurse just started wheeling him away which was fine till he got around the corner then we heard him start screaming. Anyway all went well and he's going to be a brand new boy.

So today was Paris first friends party she got invited to. She was so excited. So we decided to make her friend a Cupcake kit. Paris was so excited about it. I was to cause it was very cost effective. Anyway. We made a cute little bag and a matching apron with her name on it. Took all of 20min to make and turned out so fun. Paris wore it all over yesterday after we made it. Anyway now i have to make one for Paris.

These are pic's of Mom's house for aunt jean. She painted the office and changed a few other things and it all turned out cute.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter!

So today between morning and afternoon conferences the kids took us outside and had us check out their "Sweet Bike moves" That they have been perfecting. They were pretty cool but of course Brad had to get out there and show them how the real men do it........ I think he may have pulled something......

The Leg lift(I think he was letting a little gas pass at the same time). Very cool non the less.

The upper leg lift. Yet even cooler.

And by far the best....... the pop'o Wheelie

And then the kids wanted there bikes back. Here is Paris two feet stand. Very cool but she had to have her tongue out every time for balance i guess.

B's Version of the double leg lift. Very cool.

OK i realize we are a week early but we are heading down to Utah for Easter so we had to do our Easter treats a week early. I got the instructions from They were really fun to make but they didn't turn out near as cute as hers but i do believe she didn't have 3 wonderful little helpers. They are suppose to be egg's but some were of questionable shapes, Some so questionable that i would not allow them to leave the house. Anyway these are the ones the kid's decorated for themselves. Not sure what the faces are about but they are cute anyway.