Sunday, February 5, 2012

What the heck....

Again ,  i make a effort to keep up the blog and look at me!!  I suck.  Well here i am.  We've had a wurl wind this past month.  Not sure what we are busy doing but it seem constant.  Tatum and Keegan got to come down for week and stay!  The kids had a great time together...  Keegan got to have his Birthday at with us as well.  Mom took everyone Bowling and had a great time!  Keegan is a pretty easy to please kid!

Mom got to go on a bit of a road trip  in January as well.  So we got to have Dad come stay with us!  The kids love it!  They have a great time!  Maybe not Dad.  The boys take it upon themselves to go check on Grandpa in the morning.  Poor Grandpa get crawled all over and poked and little voices saying "Grandpa... You ok?"  All was going so well until the last day.....  Oop's I took Dad home Broken... And I'm pretty sure Mom won't let us be in charge again for another while!

Hmmmm  pretty much that`s what`s happened in our life this month......  It seemed so much busier... Maybe i`t just in my mind!