Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Wolseter

B Had a hockey Tournament this weekend.
He was amazing.

First game was tied until the finally 30 sec were he was shot on and they scored. He was pretty discouraged but in the same game he made 2 glove saves and tonnes of other great saves.

Middle Game. It was Jesse's turn to Be goalie which always bum's B out cause he loves being goalie. But he skated hard and played great and Made a goal!

Last Game He was back in net. He was well on his way to a shut out but 3rd period 2 snuck passed him. The score ended 7-2.

All in All he did super and had a great time!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mmmm Bed Time Snack

So Blaze was watching Cartoon's in our bed before his bedtime. Between us getting the big kid's to bed and Knox, He managed to sneak this in for a quick snack.


I tryed to make the kid's smile for pictures after chuch. Did not really happen, but i'll take what i can get with 4 of them.

Blaze has taken a liking to Knox Binkie which is weird anyway but it makes for a challenge when it's clipped to Knox. Oh well he'll make due.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jonah and the great fish

So for Christmas the Kid's got the entire set of Liken movies which are so great! They have Nephi and Laban, Ester and the king, Daniel and the lions den and more.

The Kid's are in love with them. They only get to watch them on Sundays to make them special. Unlike other kid's church movies these are acted no animated and they are musicals. Which are so great. Both kid's love them and have enjoyed having them.

So on to why I'm posting this is because they are having a contest to win tickets to see the live performance of Jonah and the great fish which is there new one that's out. So this counts as a entry, So I'm blogging about it. Here is the link to the website
Go check it out it's super great!! And wish me luck!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boy's will be Boy's

Brad was so excited he finally got to crack out the new jersey that he got a long time ago, But it was expensive so i wanted to frame it for B or something but Brad finally got to just wear it. Mostly cause Ryan had his. So here are the big boy's out playing on the rink.


Here are a few more candid's from the weekend

What a cute boy eh!

Blaze doing what he does best MMMMMMOOOOOCHES

What Brad and the kid's worked on this afternoon no regular snow man for the Wolseys

101 Uses for a peri bottle

#2 color snow