Friday, March 13, 2009

Guess Who?

Anyone who know's my Sister Missy and has ever seen her baby home vidio's this picture is a complete flashback. This is her little girl Scoutt who when she cry's get's the same look Missy use to! So sweet she's as cute crying as not and the other is just a picture i took im not sure i love it cause what makes Scoutty her is her big hair! Oh well here they are!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Names for this little guy.....

Ok so we've got tonnes of names picked out It's just finding the right one! And yes we know some of these names are kind weird but we love them all. So here they are and give us your suggestions as to which you like the best!


Ok there is a few that we like.... Can you guess our favorites???

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Flavor?

So Brad called home this morning at 9:30 which he never does and asked how my day was going, Which was nice but i had a feeling he had an alternative motive. So after the pleasantry's he Say's..... So did you call the doctors office? Bingo I knew he was way more inpatient them i am. He wanted to know the sex of this baby. I was going to call the Doctors office tomorrow cause i knew for sure they would have the results by then. But Brad pleaded with me to call today. So i got off the phone with him and called the Doctors office up.

SO............. It's a BOY Baby

Brad was really holding out for a girl just to even up the fam. but I knew it was a boy. Never the less we are super excited for the new little member of our family, Blaze will have a good little friend close in age and on the Gibb side Poor little Scout will have to learn to be a little rough and tumble with the only 3 kids around her age being boys. And as for the Wolsey's they are over run with boys so what's one more..... Unless Auntie Noelle add's to our girl contribution???????

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend update.

Ok no really an update since nothing great happened. Brad Worked on the house, We are finishing up all the little things so it will be ready to sell in hopefully a week! We'll see. Saturday night i spent doing the cutest letters, i found them on a blog and thought they were so cute i wanted to do them for the kids room so i got the stuff and pictures blown up cause what's a craft without big pictures and this is how it all turned out. Brody's one picture is hung sideways just cause we are replacing the picture but the rest is how i wanted it.

This week Brad and i were asked to talk in church which went fine but it was a really hard subject for me. it was obeying the laws of the land. There was hardly any info on it but it all ended up fine. Brody lost another tooth this week so he's down 4 on the front. It's pretty funny well i think so anyway. Blaze went to the doctors yet again for his ears and so they are sending him into a specialist so he'll probley end up with tubes in his ears but maybe that will make him a nice boy again. We all went in for my ultrasound on Friday. The kids loved it and thought it was very neat. I have to wait till the end of this week to find out what it is though. The heart beat is fast so maybe a girl but I'm still pretty sure its a boy. the Ultrasound lady sounded pretty sure that she new so we'll see. anyways that is all that is going on in the wolsey house this week. Hopefully we'll have that uneventful of a week next week.