Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines day!

Well we've never been much for Valentines day because our anniversary is on the 17th and heaven forbid we do 2 big things in one week!    So we alway's keep V-Day simple.   This year the kids were excited to pass out there valentines mostly Blazer.... This was his first year in Preschool to do valentines..  he loved it and within about 15min of being home he had all the candy devoured and was re-reading his notes for the 5th time.

Paris and Brody equally like it.  There is so much fun stuff they get...  I was thinking whatever happened to the day when you punched out the cards from a oversized book of valentines and worked hard at printing names on them... Now , Thanks to Pintrest,  They all go above and beyond!  Brody got a little slip of paper put in his box that said... " I love you,  Love ?"  Bahahaha  Has him totally perplexed,  But funny non the less.

Brad Gave me Zumba for the Wii... I'm super excited to try it out... but last night Paris and I went to the real zumba... Fun fun!

I'm so lucky to have Brad for a permanent Valentine!!  I adore him!!