Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is the biggest strain on marriage?

Ummm I think a perfectionist Husband and a Know it all Wife working on one project on a Saturday afternoon.

Wow that was tough but we got though it with Lot's of nattering back and forth and Me calling Brad a j*($%@^* A couple times after him showing me, for the thousand time, how to use a drill. Seriously I think i can handle a few screw in a piece of wood.

After all was said and done our project turned out great! We still have to stain it and finish but we are pretty excited about the results so far!

It's our new Kitchen table with Benches so everyone fit's around the table without having to dig up more chairs if we have company.
Oh and don't worry we still love each other and Brad Promises to be more patient with me, and i in turn promise to make sure he knows that I'm right in a more loving manner!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Knoxy has been sick

Knoxy has been sick....................................
He's been crying.................
He's been coughing.................
He's been Pale............................
Blazer thought he would fix that..................................
Knoxy likes it..................................

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guess who came to visit.............

And this is what she look's like after being at our house for couple hours. But i think by the end she had fun.

Monday, March 15, 2010

B's been asking us, Since the weather has be above 0 for 2 day's in a row, if we could have a bonfire. So i decided that tonight for FHE we would. So we pulled out all the stops and did a barbecue as well. Mom and Dad came over, (Brad also tryed to call Wolsey's but could not get a hold of them) so it was just us but it was so good. We actually Barbecue all year long but there is something about your first Barbecue burger with potato salad of the season.
So after dinner we (Brad) built a fire and we toasted us some mallow's and B went to bed happy! So did the rest of the kids but B was finally satisfied because we had Finally (his words) done a bonfire. It only took us till the middle of March blahh.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Blaze was stuck up in a tree today. He was mad. I told him he had to smile at me before i would help him down. It took a good 2 min with alot of grumpy faces but finally a smile did appear.Photobucket

Hmmm Big boy bed, Good idea or not?

Last night was Blazes first night in his big boy bed. After about 1 hour down there
I hear the door crack open
Blazer: Um I all done sleeping Mommy
Mommy: um no your not
Blazer: Ok Mommy

And back to bed he went

20min later

Door: squeak
Blazer: I all done sleeping Mommy
Mommy: No your not Blazer

Back down stairs to Playpen
Mommy: we'll try the big boy bed tomorrow
Blazer: NOOOOOOOOOO Mommy i want big boy bed ECT. Ect ect. for about 20min

So back down stairs i went and gave hin one more chance

About a hour later the door cracks open a little head pop's out and he tip toes to our room, noticing the treat's on our night stand...................

Blazer: i just have some Chocolate (it was licorice)
So he grabs a few and head's back down stairs

5min later the door cracks open and he peeks his head around the corner and tiptoes down the hallway and looks at us grabs another handful of licorice
Blazer: I just have a few more chocolate.
Daddy: Alright we'll try the big boy bed tomorrow
And with that Blazer is off to bed at 11:00 at night.

The freedom is to much for him to resist so far. We'll see what happens tonight.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Over.

Our lives can resume as usual, Hockey if officially over. There final game was Saturday. It was an exciting game to say the least. The ref's were kinda crappy but the boy's played hard and well and they were all happy with how they had done.

So We can and moved on. Saturday afternoon Brad got to a project I've been bugging him about for a whole week. He's such a patient sole. It's a Bed for Blazer. We've been thinking about putting him in a toddler bed but to buy a new one would be at least a hundred buck's and to buy a used one would be less but you have to find a used on which is tricky so I found a new blog that I'm totally inspired by it's I've told Brad he has to teach me how to use the power tool's so i can make this stuff. But he decided that he better just make it instead of risking my limb's.
So here it is. I've finished his sock monkey quilt top i have to get it quilted and then I'm making his pillow case out of sock monkey stuff. Oh it so cute. I'm so excited! Brad did such a good job so instead of spending $100 we spent $20 on supplies and it took a afternoon!

Next weekend project. A new bed for Paris!
Blazes big thank you to Dad for making his bed.