Saturday, April 18, 2009

What we did today!

So we had a super day today. The weather stared out kinda chilly but it warmed up a little. But we spent a hour or so this morning cleaning up the house then outside we went. The kid's rode there bikes for awhile, Then they came to me for something to do so i got out the little camera and wrote out a tricky list and they went on a picture scavenger hunt. They loved it cause they love anytime they get to use a camera.

So this first Picture is here find for "HOW DO WE COOK OUTSIDE?"

This was for a "GARDEN Creature"

This was for "A HARD WORKING MAN"

This is what Brad did today........ He cut down our ugly Lilac tree. Well don't get me wrong I love Lilac's but this eye sore was only pretty for 5min a year then it's ugly and collects the kids toys the rest of the year so Brad or I have to go fight with it to retrieve the many things.
Brad also took off all the Garage siding and redid the Soffets and Fascia today.
Busy Busy guy!

Oh this one is for Missy. It's what we are doing tonight! We were so excited when we saw this down in Helena on our way home this week!
Oh it brought back fond memories of Michner Park!

And this is what I did between Napping and well that's it i just napped. I got very much into making this today that i forgot to feed the Kids lunch. Well i did feed Blaze before his nap but the others i think got busy and didn't say they were hungry. But they did eat a whole BBQ Hamburger tonight which they never do.

OK this is for you Ali this is the One pattern i took home. It made up pretty fast well like 3 hours from Cut to finish. So not bad and it's really easy to figure out! I'll copy the pattern and send it to ya.

So this is the inside. The pattern didn't say for pockets but i like pockets so i added them.

And this is the outside of the bag. I love it. It turned out really cute. OK really just look at the bag i told Brad to get a close up so you could not see how sloppy i was. Oh well what do you do.

Hope everyone else had a Great saturday!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More easter fun!

We had a super Easter Sunday. We went to Ali's stake conference then came home and had a super meal. We later went on a drive to the new Draper Temple and looked at really huge houses. Then we stopped by Ali's Boss's house and fed the horses. It was a really great day.

All the kiddies in there Sunday best!

Chandler and B

I could not believe how good B was with the the horses. he's usually kinda chicken with anything like that but he just hopped in there and fed them.

Blaze thinks this is what stickers are for.

The kid's with there Easter Loot.