Saturday, May 16, 2009

Miss Paris' BEST DAY EVER!

Today was a extra exciting day for Miss Paris. She got to start her long awaited Horse riding lessons. She's been asking for a horse since she pretty much came out of the womb. We've told her over 1.25 million times we have no room in the house for a horse but she insists that the backyard is big enough. Anyway we decide that she is now old enough to start to at least learn about horse (from somebody who knows something).
She was quite nervous this morning on our way out but was so excited. She learned about the different brushes for horses. How to put the other hand on the horse as you brush so you can feel when he's going to move. She helped put the saddle on and learned all the names for everything. She learned how to speak to the horse and all sort's of stuff. She was so excited.
So I told her she need to ask for a new pair of cowboy boot's for her birthday since the ones she has, she has had since the Christmas before last and are getting a little tight. She was so excited about the idea and then added in "yea and I'll ask for a horse to go with them".

Friday, May 15, 2009

This is how we ROLL......

Blaze has 3 major obsessions so far in his little life.....
1. Anything with wheels Including but not limited to Cars, Trucks, Vacuums, strollers, his potty chair (that does not actually have wheels but he rides it around like it does).
2.Driving in grandpa's wagon or buggy or scooter which i guess fit's with his wheels obsession.
and #3. Is being outside! As soon as he wakes up in the morning it is a fight to get outside. I have a hard time getting him dressed or washed or anything else. What kills me though is all he does is wander around the backyard. He just walks around and drives his little truck around sometimes pushes his stroller around with all his treasures but no kidding he could be out all day long and we would not hear a word from him. To get him inside we have to tag team him. One grabs the other opens and closes door's while trying to avoid the flay ling arms and leg's of his little body.

So today Brad was home and was trying to finish siding the garage so Lucky Blaze got to go out. Well of course he found the mud and got all dirty and gross, So when he came in for lunch we had to take off his pants. I wanted him to stay in after lunch but between Brad and I thinking each other was watching him.... He snuck out the first time Paris opened the door. Yes and only Paris would not realize he was out of the house. Anyway he managed to put on his soaking wet gummies and away he went................................... Soon i looked out when he was not answering my call and this is what i saw..................................

Blaze in his saggie britches and gummies having the time of his life!

And then saying cheese to mom thinking he's so funny!

And then he ate a little dirt!

Oh and then found another Puddle to splash in.....

Notice the bottom of the diaper look's like he did his buissness on the outside instead of the inside but really it's just the mud splatter from jumping in the puddle.

And the best thing about it all.................... We sat there and took pictures and laughed at him!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's only 9:30 and look how productive i've been!

Yes that is right it's only 9:30 and I've been busy busy already! Most people have probley accomplished twice as much but those of you that know me lately (Brad) Knows i have less then 0 energy or umph to do anything. So this morning as i woke up i realized that............ Today is the Big Cook day! Which is so fun a group of girls (or lady's but that makes us sound old) get together once a month with freezer meals so i make 4 of the same meals as does everyone else and then we swap them so everyone goes home with 4 different meals for there freezer. Which is the best thing ever most are crockpot meals or BBQ just easy that you can add rice or potato's to and you've got a great meal which is all ready for ya. Anyway this month's kinda snuck up on me so i did salsa chicken MMMMMMMM but easy. It's 5 pieces of chicken in a crockpot with 1 cup salsa, one can of cream of Mushroom soup and one package of taco seasoning cook for 5 hours or so and then add sour cream and you can do rice with it. Yummy! Anyway after that i got so much more done..........

This is the freezer meal's looks nasty but oh so good!

Ok I did not do this today but i did it yesterday at quilt club and i wanted to show Missy..... Ok so this is out of a jelly roll and 2 1/2 yards of the light. Looks super hard but actually is pretty easy. You end up with i think 18 pretzels and then a few half ones so it's pretty good size.

Ok Blaze got bathed and clothed today which is something kinda major. He is a bear to get in the bath first of all. If i can trick him into the bath it then takes a hour to trick him into sitting down in the bath so we mostly use a cup to shower him down. He's not a fan of H2O that's for sure.

And i helped Paris Sew up a couple of headbands. They turned out really cute for a 10min job. She did most of it and loves them even more cause she did them!

So yes It does not look like much but i feel like i deserve my nap today! Usually i don't feel deserving of it but i take one anyway but today's nap is very much called for.
I've been wondering were i got me energy this morning and I've got to thank Brad i decided He found a great sale On Dr. Pepper and as long as they are in the fridge I'm drinking them!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day to ME! And all the other Mom's

This is what i spent the morning doing. Brad was trying to figure out something to do for singing time in primary that had to do with mothers. So the kid's pick a flower and it Say's how they sing the song and the flower is actually a pin that they can give to there teacher to pin on there dress'. Brad was thinking paper flowers but I'm much better with fabric so he cut and i sewed. I think they turned out so cute! We decided they should call us both and he can do the music and i can do the props. Don't think it will work but it's worth a try!

Today was a good mothers day! I got to sleep in till 7:45 which is a good 15min past when i usually would get up. I woke up to jumping (blaze) and other random rowdy noises so early in the morning. So i got up and as soon as i walked out the door the kid's came a running forcing me back into bed which is usually fine but being pretty pregnant i really had to pee so i had to fight past to get to the potty. But back to bed i went and worked on my Sunday lesson for my Beehives. The kid's were so excited to give me breakfast in bed they couldn't keep it a secret any longer so they spilled the beans about flower shaped pancakes there were colored pink and purple and blue! Wow! Well the morning rolled by but i could hear all the commotions out in the kitchen, While Brad was trying to mix some bread to go in the bread machine (that i bought him for mothers day), Blaze had got into the food coloring that was a little carelessly laying out for the up coming pancakes. Brody was there as Brad turned around and so Brody got the blame for letting Blaze play with the food coloring. I had to remind Brad that Brody is 7 and not in charge of Blaze usually while we are around and the food coloring should maybe not have been out till it was ready to be used, Brad said it was not his fault so it must be Brody's (Brad did sheepishly back down and agreed but still Say's its not his fault) But i Digress. So At any rate the pancakes turned out super with all sorts of color patterns in them. Blazes hands were dyed pink so it's was not near as noticeable as a blue or green would be, I got my breakfast in bed and was sung to by a 3 kid choir of mother i love you! So for one day i feel like I'm a ok mom! I'm super lucky to have 3 great kid's (that totally drive me insane) And a super duper Husband that is so kind and patient with me, More so then i am with him for the most part.

Oh speaking of him being patient we were on our way out the door this morning and actually 15min early and so i insisted on taking a picture, Boy was Brad mad hehe but again he let me have my way only after a little grumbling and a quick reminder that it was mothers day and my right as a mother to take a picture of my kids.