Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Funny things...

Ok so the horrible day yesterday (see prev. post) resulted in a few funny moment that are funnier today then they were yesterday.

I took Mom and Dad's van up to pay all the car registration and our water bill before we got our tire bill. So i Pulled out of our driveway and right into a huge snowdrift. Uggggg. I screamed i was so mad so i got out and started digging myself out, and thank heavens for small towns a nice young man stopped and started helping me trying not to laugh at how stuck i was and shortly after a nice man with a truck pulled me out with his truck. But how embarrassing in the mean time. But kinda funny now to look at the tire marks i left in the snow drift.

Next so funny of thing was Paris this morning was rubbing Knox's head and Brody was playing with him and Brody said "oh that's so gross" referring to Knox's cradles cap, And Paris replied with a "No it's not B, It's just Cradles Crap". Brody and Me burst out laughing and Paris had no idea what we were laughing for.

And the next thing that made me giggle today. Paris whipped out Foxx Christmas outfit. Poor poor dog!

Crappy day that make you laugh?

Well that's not what happened yesterday. I spent most of the day in tears and feeling sorry for myself. Which in all honesty i think i was allowed. For a few night we have been having problems starting the Truck. Monday all day it would not start and Monday on Brad's way home from work he got a flat tire, So in negative i don't know what temp he changed out his tire and drove home on the donut. So we decided that night he would take the truck in and i would get the car up to charlie to fix the tire. So he jumped the truck and took it up town to fill it up with gas and then it would not start again so i got in the car left the sleeping kids and went to boost which might add it was so cold out the jumpers froze and broke so we had to buy another set. So the next morning it would not start again so Brad felt so bad that he left me with two disabled vehicles and 2 little ones at home in-24 weather with the windchill of -50. So thank heavens for Mom and Dad and a next door freind we got the truck up there and the car. So a hour later we get a phone call that they cannot fix the tire and all of them need to be replaced and the Same on the truck. Christmas is a bit tight this year anyway but slapping a $1100 bill on top of it only makes it more stressful.

So to the laughing part. Ok to tell you the truth I'm not laughing at all but i look around at what i have. And i realize the blessing's i have. I have a husband who has a job and works so hard at his regular job and then works extra job's to help out. I've got kid's who are so great they are making me laugh all the time. And when i take the time to listen to them they really are amazing people. I've got a cozy home. and a mom and a dad who will give up so much for us just to help us when we are down.

So all in all the positives of my life out way the negatives! The negatives just suck.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to B

My Baby Boy is 8 years old! I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone by. He was born on a super super cold day in 2001 in Edmonton Alberta.

Well we were so happy to have him and most day's we are still happy to have him. He's such a loving boy with a great sense of humor. We love him and are so grateful to our heavenly father for blessing our family with him!

Here are a few pictures of his special day.
Birthday Breakfast
Playing outside in the huge amount of snow