Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to school

So the kid's had there official first week back to school. It went smoothly, They are having a hard time waking up in the morning and also Paris is having a melodrama every night before bed because she's so tired. I'm sure it will wear off.
So today we popped out to do our back to school photo's. Mostly cause we've changed around the living room and i need some big ol' pictures to hang up. So out we went. The kids' did awesome.
Brody, however is in the beginning stages of the "awkward" stage. Which is a scary thing in our family cause it hit Brad and I both very early and did not end till grade 11 for both of us. Yikes! He's growing like a week and therefore is a bit awkward, He also is growing into his teeth which is a huge plus.
I also wanted to get a picture of our Little Baby before he got his Hair cut! I'm so sad. He's got the sweetest curls and he's so cute. But alas it was time for him to get a little boy hair cut instead of his Baby Sampson Locks.
So here he is. Pre

Friday, September 3, 2010


So I've got a huge "TO DO" list. It all started with Brody and Blazes room. This summer while the kids were gone up to red deer i re did B and Blazes room. It turned out cute but never got totally done. But a few week's after almost having it done we decided to switch Rooms with the boy's so they ended up in our room and we moved to there room. So Now there room is finished (except for hanging up B's headboards, Brad swears he'll do it every other day but he's a busy guy).

Anyway that instituted a room re-do for Brad and my room. I did a quilt for the bed the a few months ago and then sent it off to be quilted, well it just got done last week! I am the most excited girl in the whole world!! I love the way it turned out but now I've got to finish the headboard, paint the room, find Baskets for the new selves that Brad built.

So i decided that i did not want the big t.v. out in the living room anymore cause it could only go on one wall and so the furniture could only go one way so the TV got moved into our room and so the couch got rearranged and new chairs were brought in and now i want to do new curtains and put these curtains on the back window in the kitchen which institutes a tiny kitchen redo.

So in other words I've got about a thousand things on my "TO DO" list. Here it is

1. Hang B's headboard
2. Paint our room
3. Find bed skirt and bin's for our room
4. sand paint and put together our headboard
5. pick fabric and make new curtains for living room
6. make ledge for pictures in kitchen
7. hang quilt on wall
8. Take new school pictures of kid's for living room wall

So i guess writing them out it does not sound that bad, but mean while Brad's doing the Pardging on the house and we really want to do a front porch, and the neighbors are going to divorce us if we don't get the tree trimmed sometime soon.

So long story short, we are keeping busy at our house.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School!

So it's Back to school for the Wolsey Kids. The kid's got up at 7'o clock and got ready for school. So fun. They were so excited to head back. I was also so excited to send them back. So we dropped off the little boy's at Grandma Sharon's and off we went.
I went armed with a black Sharpie to label all the kid's supplies with a tiny BW or PW. So Brody went right to his class and started getting his stuff done while i took Paris to her class. Well what happened next totally shocked me. We walked in and Paris started Tearing up and clung on to me. Since Pre school she has never done this. I was shocked. Usually It's B that gets anxious about things. So i sat with Paris. The teacher came and talked to her about having a nervous tummy. Some Girls came over and asked if Paris wanted to walk around with them, But Paris just kept her face Buried in me. So finally I said Paris I've got to go help B and i'll come back and sit with you as long as you need but I've got to go just for a few minutes. By this time i was about in tears, cause it's just not like our Paris. So she said "I've got to go to the bathroom" so i said ok go and then come back to the classroom and I'll be back as soon as I'm done with B's stuff. So she said OK.
So i whipped down to B's room and he was all set up. We labeled the rest of his supplies and he gave me a quick hug and said goodbye and sent me out the door. so i headed back to Paris room expecting to have to stay with her, but to my surprise she was totally fine I went and gave her a quick hug and asked if she was ok, She looked at me like i was crazy and said a quick "yea Mom". So off i went.
After school I asked Paris how it went, she said great and she loves it. I asked her how she got over being scared, She said "Mom, I went to the bathroom really to say a Prayer, So heavenly Father could help me be happy at school" Wow! I am so proud of her and totally floored that she would think of Prayer all by herself! I'm so proud of her. She's such an amazing girl.
Brody was asked by Mrs. Selkie to sit by Marina who is a special needs little girl. She does not speak, But Mrs. Selkie asked B cause he's been in her class since grade one and B is so nice to her. B was happy to say yes, Which i think is pretty amazing for a little 8 year old to forgo sitting by friends to sit by this special little girl.
Long story short I'm a pretty proud Mama.
Blazer Starts his "School" tomorrow. I think some girls are going to be doing a Joy School this year which i'm going to do but until we get it set up i'm starting ahead with Blazer. So luck him gets to go to Mommy School Tuesday and Thursday for a couple hours. Hmmmm i wonder how this is going to work out.