Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Soccer game of the season

These are a few random pictures from sunday afternoon when it was super nice outside.

These are From B's first soccer game of the season!
He did awesome, He's really into it, hopefully he'll stay excited about it.
He's a fast little runner and he always seems to be were the ball was.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Trip to the Doctors!

This picture just gave me a giggle today.
What is Life with little ones without a trip to the Dr. Office right. Well Some day's it's just to much! B had a Dr. Apt. in Raymond at 10:15 this morning so i got him off to school at 8:10. Soon after that i got the other 2 in the bath and washed up and dressed in clean clothes,(cause we don't want the dr. to think they are all neglected right). So by the time I did that i had time for a quick hop in the tub and i got out and it was already time to go! So i stormed through the house getting a snack for Blaze to keep him happy at the Dr. Paris MP3 Player to keep her out of B's Business and then Brads Ipod for Brody so he didn't have to hear all i was saying about him to the Dr........... Wow.

We did make it on time the kids mostly minded there P's and Q's but seriously by the time i got in there i was sweating like crazy and the minute i started talking to the doctor i started crying! Oh Pregnancy can do wonderful things to us eh! Oh well all was blamed on Pregnancy and the Dr. only had to watch me Ugly cry for a minute before i could talk.

Anyway long story short................... I really hate taking 3 kids to one Dr. Appointment But yes we do it again tomorrow for my Dr. apt. O'well I guess I'll survive or just burst into tears again.