Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sun Fabulous Sun

So since moving up here to Spruce grove we have had all of a week of sun so far!  Without snow!  It was not Seasonal... or so we were told.  Anyway we are doing everything to enjoy the nice weather outside.  We went out to the Dollar store and purchased a kite... The boys were so excited to try out the kite.  On the morning that Brad was not at work we got the big kids off  school and we went out to fly the kite. 

 photo 1_zpsd955ada9.jpg

The boys had a great time trying to get it to fly... Brad got mad and gave up after about 5 min.  But those boys persevered.... And never did get it to fly.  Haha Stupid Dollar store kites... Well those were Brads words.

They pulled out the old Golf clubs after the kite feasco... They did much better at that... They are both Future Happy Gilmores... they hold the club like there hockey stick!

 photo 1_zps1a789483.jpg

Oops haha... It`s his own fault... he refuses to wear undies... Plumbers bum is bound to happen

 photo 2_zps34507ed3.jpg
The Big kids are slowly getting adjusted to school.  It has been really hard on them. Paris Teacher is i bit of a bag... Wow that's so rude but totally true.  Paris just cannot mesh with her,  and that really is saying something cause Paris can mesh with most teachers.  But this one kinda had it out for Paris (or the school she came from)  from the start.  So finally Brad went in and talked to the teacher and its pretty much a mutual ignoring... she ignores Paris and Paris keeps to herself.  Which makes me sad but she will be out of that school in just over a month,  and then things will be better. 

 photo 6_zps0c038c01.jpg
Brody had a bit of a hard adjustment in his school but we have figured it out and we just need to get through the next month and next year will be better!!  I know it! 

But meanwhile at home its been good.  We are happy up here.  Glad we are close to family, and equally as happy to be able to go home (to magrath) once a month for pictures, but that gives the kids a chance to play and have fun down there! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Big Move!

The time finally came to make out move!  It was a long hard 6 months that i won't complain about because i had tonnes of help from my mom!  I can't even say i was truly a single mom for 6 months cause i had my Mom as back up!  But I'm sure glad to live with the hubbs again.... I missed him and it's so much fun being able to see him everyday!  I'm sure I won't take him for granted for at least 2 weeks!

We purchased a house in Spruce Grove.  It takes Brad 25min to get into work, which if 15min less then to his lethbridge work.  He is loving the job and is excited for the new opportunity's a new office allows him.  Well if i was not use to having him gone already i would be worried about him Leaving Thursday... The office is sending him to Vancouver to a course.  Which he is really excited to do and that means more extra income for us.

Anyway back to the house.  we are slowly getting unpacked... and wondering where we got all this crap from... I did sell tonnes and tonnes on the Trusty Buy and Sell,  But there is still plenty to find a place for.   I'm excited to start decorating this house.  We have to wait till we get everything squared away with the other house and then Brad said we have to get all unpacked... we are 25% done..... And I'm ready to be all done!  Yikkes!

Here are a few pictures of the house
This is our quite little Cresent....
 photo _MG_0197.jpg
This is our house
 photo _MG_0196.jpg
Oops our messy kitchen but this is to show Mom how the table fits
 photo _MG_0180.jpg

Again this is for Mom.... Ok what do i do with this?
 photo _MG_0178.jpg

Oh Knox... He is being such a big helper by doing nothing..... Ok and check out there walls... Yep they are that ugly!!  Yikkes!
 photo IMG_0189.jpg
This is Brody's room.......  We will have to remedy this one before he get's up here for sure!
 photo IMG_0190.jpg
Ohhhh another one for Mom....... This is only from one set of stairs and the bonus room..... I'm pretty sure they had not vacuumed for a eternity...... 
 photo IMG_0193.jpg

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Being a single Mom...... Sucks

So Brad started his new job up in Edmonton this past Monday.... We decided together to take the job and do weekends together till the house sells.  I knew it was going to be hard,  But really it's not as bad as i thought it would be for sure.

To make it easier I've totally cut back on what i do.  I've simplified my life to pretty much Thurs. and Sat. Photo shoots. and one more craft night!  That has made it so much easier to not have so many demands on me. 

Brad likes the job so far!  It's great Money and hours!  I guess the only downside it him leaving... It was super hard on Sunday but it's gotten better and better... But we are excited to see him tomorrow
Now the job is to finish the house so we can actually put it up for sale... Brad's been so frustrated cause he just could not get it all done fast enough.  But hopefully this weekend we can work and work and work till it's totally done and then throw it up for sale!! 

Since Brad's been  gone Mom (thank heavens for My Mom) and I have worked hard Cleaning dejunking, Painting.... Pretty much anything we can do so Brad does'nt have to.  It's looking good and i'm excited to get everything ready to put it up!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Canning Again.....

So we were not going to can this year..... But I caved with the smell of ripe peaches... I just got 2 cases this year.  The boy's and i woke up Monday morning and we were ready to get to work.

Knox's job was to hand me the peaches to blanch.  He did a very good job.  Blazes Job every year is to peal the peaches... he is so good at it.  So i keep letting him do it.  We were doing really good till i started helping peel.  The peaches were so stringy and soft and yucky.  At first i thought oh great i let them get to ripe.  But i was sure they were perfect.  Anyway after peeling i started cutting. and that's were i found the problem... They were rotting from the inside out!  Blahhhhhhh!


So after all the work we got a few quarts out of it... not sure they will be any good but the boy's had a great time canning!!

And on a happy note... It was Knox's first day of (early entrie) Preschool!! He's delayed in Speech... (i think he's fine) But if they are willing to take him!! i'll let him go! Photobucket Photobucket

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Back to school!

I love this time of year.....  The last few Weeks of summer seem to slip by so fast,  But it's welcome!  By the end of summer my kids (or just me) is ready for back to school!  This summer has slipped by so fast i found myself totally unprepared for "back to school".  So this weekend we slipped up to edmonton to visit Jayme/Lara and Missy/Ryan.  We tryed to do some school shopping but it was so crazy busy in the city! I guess everyone else was a little late for there school shopping as well.

Anyway  The kids were able to spend a chunk of there hard earned summer  money on clothes that they loved.  We were able to spend a chunk of our hard earned money on School Supplies..... Blahhhhh but that's a whole other post. 

Brody is in Mrs. Dorners grade 5 class and Paris is in Mrs. Karrens grade 4 class.  This was the first year that i was not asked to come in with them.... Probley cause is dropped them off in my monkey p.j's totally bra'less and my hair  was extra huge!  But non the less they did not require my presents there.....

Photobucket Photobucket

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blazer's Lemonaid Stand

Brody and Paris have been working really hard this summer, to earn Money to buy there school clothes.  Grandma Sharon was the best supporter of them,  She gave Brody a lawn mowing job once a week all summer.  Paris & Brody also got a job babysitting 6 bunnies for a week.  (That was the best job ever)  They were responsible to feed and water the bunnies ( a 2 min Job) but they would stay over there all day and play with them.  They have also have a cupcake stand and they are hoping to do one more this week!  Anyway Brody has saved up $160 and Paris has $80.  They were able to go up and open up Bank accounts and get there "credit Card" which is really a debit card but why burst there bubble right!

Anyway Blaze has felt a little left out.  He loves caring money around and paying for his own stuff.  He received money for his birthday and pretty much thought that was the best present ever!  Anyway he really likes to try to sell stuff so he likes doing lemonade stands....  Which i hate, but the kids helped him go buy the cups and lemonade, and make it and set it up... He did look cute out there.

He earned a $3.25 before throwing in the towel on account of to many Bee's.

Photobucket He had a lemonade stand a month ago, and nobody was paying any attention to him (from inside the house) until he came in with a pile of money ($12)  Guess he was a good salesman that day.  That night we had Pizza for dinner, and after realizing Blaze had been missing for a while we checked around for him and sure enough he was outside selling our leftover pizza!  Bahahaha

And Just as a side note,  Knox called me in today to wipe his bum.... and this is what he looked like.... You know it stinks when he's holding his nose..... Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blazers Date day...

So for the past while Blazer and i have been planning our date...  I've got a galvanized old bin thing that we (Blazer and I) planted flowers in last year...  So this year we wandered back into the garden center in walmart and Blazer got excited about getting our flowers planted this year.  I told him we had wait till pay day.  Blazer came up with a alternative.. He said "Mom,  When is your craft night...?? You should make money that night and then we can use that to get flowers...."  So that's what we did.. Who cares about putting the money back into the bank account right...

So Today was our date day... We went into Dan's Greenhouse and Blazer got a cart and away we went.  He got to pick out all the flowers himself which he felt pretty proud of.  We got everything he though would look nice... Which came to a whopping $38...Yikes... way more then i would have spent.  Then we headed off to Walmart to buy the dirt... Hmm there is something wrong with that... Buy dirt.  Anyway we made it home and got right to work.

Blaze is pretty happy with his master piece and I've got to say it turned out way cuter then i was expecting while i was watching him pick out all the flower... I did so good to keep my mouth shut. blazer 004

He even had his own work gloves.
blazer 006
blazer 008

blazer 019

And Yes Blazer did pick out the extra's in there...

blazer 034

Now here's hopin' that knox won't go pick them all??