Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Deck

So after much thought and discussion Brad and I decided to build a deck. We are trying to sell this house and our thoughts are, We've already put so much money into the house why put more if we are just going to sell it? Well we decided we would get so much use out of it this summer and it will only sell the house better.

So We are doing it. Brad ripped off the old one and got all the under boards done Friday. Then Saturday His Dad and Him got the top put on. It looks awesome.

We also took 4 load's Well Brody and I did One, And then we got a few more helpers for the next 2 then Brad took one.

So i would like to give a big shout out to My Mom who took Knox for the whole day and helped with the deck Friday, And a big shout out to the whole Wolsey Clan who came and help do garbage and lay the deck!

What would we do without family? Oh i guess we would do it on our own and it would take us longer! So for that reason we are so glad to have family around.

I love these Pictures....... Notice Like Father like Son Like Grandson.
When they are working hard on somthing they all have their tongues out.

and here are a few of Knox with fluffy hair. Post Bath

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The New Blazer

So i think Blaze has turned over a new leaf. I could be Jinxing it but he's been such a nice boy the last few day's. Hmmmmm I wonder.....................What is he up to?

The New Table

So it's done. Well almost. The Benches need one more coat of stain/varnish and then it's totally done but it's usable and we love it! The Kid's fit 3 across with Lot's of elbow room and we have quit dragging chairs in and out. Yippee.

So if you missed the first post on the table we got the plan's from

We also made the farmhouse Bed for Blazer and our next plan's (after the deck) is the headboard for our bed or the kid's picnic table!


Love it! Love the Her Blog!
Maybe next time i can make it with out Brad taking it apart to save off 1/8th of a inch!

Monday, March 29, 2010

We've been Egg'ed

So i had a great idea for FHE tonight to egg a family. It's not like the high school day's of egging, It's the nice family version were we decorate a basket and fill it with egg's full of treats and pixie it. Since our family loves to pixie i thought this was a super fun idea. So we fixed it all up and well hmmm it's 7:30 (1/2) past the kid's bedtime already, and it was still light out. But I did not want to keep the kid's up any later so i told Brad it would be easy peasy in the light.

So off i sent them.
10 min. Later they walked in with a sad look on there face, They had been caught. First time in our whole Pixie career, that we've been caught. So Brad walked in a min later and so i asked what happened.

KD- What happened?
Brad- We got caught
KD- oh that's to bad....... Did you just give it to them and say happy Easter?
Brad- No, I dropped it, screamed like a girl and ran.
KD- Seriously?
Brad- Yep

End of conversation

So since we're pretty sure they know it's us, It's safe to post the pictures (I'm sure they don't read this anyway).

Ok keep a eye out for the super steller MJ in the middle!

I'm the Proud Sister in law of that fabulous dancer!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Sabbatical

Ever have those Sunday's that you wake up, Nobody's slept good, The nursery one, has snot from one end of him to the other, The pre nursery one is hacking away at his own cough, The older two are fighting before they even step foot out of there own room's, and the husband and you look at each other and at the same time pull the covers back over your head and say we are not even going to try today. That's what happened today at our house. It does not happen very often that we won't at least give it a try but neither of us had the energy to take two fighting kid's to church while the other one stays at home with two miserable kid's, Our forces weaken when split. So today was our Sunday sabbatical.

The day was spent in our pajama's, Playing games together, Napping, watching Snow white (for the kid's first time) and Lady and the tramp (also a first timer).

So I thought i would update the heck out of the blog. Mostly with pictures.
Yesterday was a busy day. We got up and sanded the table, We were hoping to get it done, which we would have except, well i guess you'll hear about that later.

So at 10:00 we got heading to Cardston for the Remington Easter egg hunt. We dropped off Foxx at G'ma and G'pa Hough's to be babysat while we were at the hunt. So we met Blazers' Friend Kade there (they were the ones who told us about it). and then we Told Millers about it so Brody had a Friend there to search with.

Blazer and Kade went first, then Paris, then the big kid's. They had a super time for sure and got Lot's of chocolate egg's.
Getting there game faces on for the hunt
Brody and his friend Jase
Paris' Eggs
Kade Enjoying his chocolate
and the baby's

And then This super funny picture of Brad checking out Kade's teeth (it look's like he's screaming but really he's not at all but I thought it was super funny)
See he really was calm

So after the Egg hunt we headed up to Grandma and Grandpa's for a tea party. The kid's loved it.
Then over to Marvelle and Cliff's to see Maggie (foxx's Brother who's actually a sister I think but through adoption because there is definitely no family resemblance). The kid's Love Maggie i think as much as foxx, Blaze got so excited visiting maggie that he bacame a dog and out of no were jumps up on Marvelles lap and starts panting and licking like a dog.

Then home we Went to finish the table which we finished with a black stain the took 3 coat's and it looked awesome, I was yelling at Brad to come it so i could get to my meeting at 5:00 so he did a quick cleanup and came in and I headed off to my meeting which ended with phone call at 5:15 with a super mad sounding Brad saying...............Kade I'm done with him. So I headed home really fast cause i know what that means, Blazer had taken it upon himself to give the table a final coat of lacquer and it was not a "Wolsey Job" It was horrible and bumpy and so know we have the task of sanding it down once again and doing at least the last coat again.

So that's what led up to our Sunday sabbatical. We ( and i think i speak for the whole crew) are ready to face the world again after being shut in for an entire 24 hours.