Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wacky Wednesday take 2

For the Wolsey family it was take 2 of wacky Wednesday this week. Last week we did a accidental dry run.(oops but I'm still laughing). So this time we were more prepared with colored hair spray.

Brody was all about the wacky but Paris being a bit more self conscious of being to wacky, so she put a shirt on backwards that really you could not even tell it was on backwards. I suggested that we do pony's down the middle of her hair and a Mohawk like B but all she wanted was one pony with a little bit of purple in it. I talked her into the bang's pony.

So here is a pictures of them on wacky Wednesday.....................



Yet my little darling will go to school with a perfectly cute hair do for picture day and end up coming home with these pictures.....................


What a girl, She gave them to me, I thought i was going to die laughing. Good think i dont order school pictures, But this durag look will go down in history in her class picture.

B's was just a nice shot of him..............


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I've been super busy lately
The reason besides i have 4 dependants, Is the big craft show here on Saturday! I've been going like crazy sewing up a storm, I've even recruited Brad to cut tie's out for me so i can just sew.
ON a side note i've got super exciting new's FANTAZTIC LEARNING in the Park Place mall is now going to be carring Lil' Guy Ties!!! Yep that's right I've got there order to get done as well as enough for the craft show's

Ok back to the craft show, My friend Melissa is hosting it, There is going to be tonnes of vendors. So if i can just keep the money i make instead of spend it there I'll be doing good.

I usually go like crazy in the fall with craft shows for the last few years I'm in charge of Making the money for Christmas. Brad gets no holiday time so all his work money goes to pay bill's for the week or so he has to take off and we refuse to put christmas on the card so here i am sewing like crazy. But it really is fun!

The kid's are even making money.... They made surprise rocks to sell. They borrowed there start up cost from Brad and i (which was all of $10) and picked up little toys and treats and then wrap them all in tinfoil and make them into rock with this plaster stuff. And so when the kid's buy them they think it's a rock till they drop it and out pops a toy and treat! The kid's are selling them for $1 each. They are pretty excited about it. They are setting up a little table beside mine to hawk there stuff.

So this is what we've been doing lately well mom has. She's putting these in to sell......


And it's not my fault i did not have a girl so poor Knox had to sport one of the knit beanies that im selling..... (sorry Brad)

On one more exciting note.....IT'S WACKY WEDNESDAY TOMMOROW hehehe i checked this time!