Thursday, June 25, 2009

where has the sleep gone, and the bathroom garbage?

So i expect it but i cannot deal with it. The lack of sleep in the last week's of this pregnancy. I'm exhausted when i do sleep well but when i don't i find myself moving about the house like a zombie but a really cranky one. Last night i was so tired. Brad and I stayed up and watched America's got Talent and then we were heading to bed but i OOOp's flipped through the channels and saw that one of my best shows was on and it was the third installment of them trying to catch Marco! OK don't Judge me it's Dog the Bounty Hunter. I love that show, with Dog and Bethy and Leland and Duane Lee. So i got quite caught up in it. meanwhile Brad headed to bed. As i should have.

Consequently i sent the rest of the night and early morning half in and half out of sleep helping Dog's gang find Marco! Plus up for my couple of Pee Breaks and Brad rolling around not sleeping cause of Allergies, And Paris joining us in out room cause she dreamed she pulled a monkey out of her arm, It made for a eventful night but a very uneventful day today. If i could only get out of bed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sports Day for B

Couch Brad

Last Friday was Sport's day at school. Brody begged me to sign up to be a helper on his field trip earlier that week down to Wolford park. I had to explain to him that i just couldn't find some were to put Blaze and i would not be able to stay awake! Anyway our compromise was for Brad to take Friday off and be a parent helper at sports day. Brody came home so excited Thursday night cause Dad got to be his teams "couch".

Brad was glad to go do it and it made B so happy. Paris Blaze Mom and I went up and watched some of the sport which consisted of shooting water gun's at plastic figurines (not Kidding), Potato bag races, Swimming, High jumping and a few other things. B had a great time and is quite a little star. He tries to hard and does really well If i do say so myself! But i guess how hard honestly it shooting a water gun at plastic things? I guess he gets the same work out at chucky cheese.

My Brave little non-Swimmer. This is the year for swimming lessons!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blue Steel!

I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is. -DERRIK ZOOLANDER

OK I'm not a fan of picture taking of myself let alone when I'm 8 months pregnant i don't like to remember that i was a big as a house, But This is for Angie!! Remember Ang i would not do this for just anyone!
This is how serious i can be doing pictures, While Brad was snapping pictures like a real photographer he's yelling out funny things and then all of the sudden "give me BLUE STEEL" came out............ Bahahaha for any of you that have seen Zoolander you'll appreciate it! As well as the quote above!
My second best BLUE STEEL!

OK now that that is done i wont be in another picture till this baby is out!
OK and don't judge me for liking zoolander! It was a funny show. Know I'm off to finish watching Happy Gilmore with Brad!