Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brody and Keegans Baptism

Today was a special day in out life. Brody and Keegan choose to be baptized. They were blessed together and they really wanted to be Baptized together. So Missy and Ryan came down here so they were able to do that together. We are so proud of the two boy's they both have sweet personality's. So here some of the pictures from the afternoon.

Best Buddies

The Family
Some of The great Grandparents
Grandma Carol, Grandma & Grandpa Hough, Grandma Gibb
Photobucket Brody's Granparents
AKA Scott and Falene Wolsey and Rod and Sharon Gibb

Brody and The Siblings
Keegans Granparents
Sharpe Family
The Speakers Were Grandpa Scott
and Troy Gibb Spoke on the holy ghost
Photobucket And the food! Mmmm
Thanks Mom for doing the food
and for everyone who helped out by bringing stuff and helping clean up.



Thursday, January 7, 2010


Knox got shot's today.
He's sad
But he also got weighed and measured
He's 19 pounds
He's 27 and some inches tall

80%for weight
75% for height

Yes we do have hope of having a big tall boy!
Brad's happy

The Realtor

Lesson learned:
Always wear pants around the house even if your not expecting anyone to come by.
I was busy ironing a bag yesterday morning. Unless I am expecting anyone i sometime don't wear pants but i digress. So i had Knox up in his bumbo on the table while i ironed in the kitchen by the sliding window door, and i hear a knock at the back door which has a big window as well, so i thought how i could get passed that window to my room to get pants on.
Hmmmm not possible so i hid in the kitchen and turned the music down hoping he would just come back later.
No such luck, i hear footstep's coming toward the sliding door so i made a dash passed the other window while he was between window's , it was like i was on a covert mission for pants.
So by know it had been long enough that it would be awkward to answer the door so i was still hiding but quickly realized i left Knox on the table beside the sliding door window, so i was pretty sure Knox would be looking out the window smiling at him and my cover would be blown.
It was so i grabbed pant and slipped out to the door.
Lesson learned:
Don't ever be more then a arms reach away from a pair of pants.
And don't come to my house unannounced

Keeping the Blaze Busy..

It's exhausting trying to keep that boy busy. He's really good to just hang out most of the day but some day's he's just into everything.

So this was Blazes Monday

1.Cleaned up breakfast
2. Watched a cartoon while i read my scriptures
3. Helped clean up (Brad knows how much help it is)
4. we made play dough
5. we made lunch
6. we layed down for a nap (which did not happen)
7. made cookies
8. welcomed the kid's home from school
9. had a snack with the kid's
10. Helped make dinner a story
12. Bed time

Blazes Tuesday

1. Went to Grandma's at 8:30am
2. Returned home 6:00pm

He's that busy that it take two households to tag team him. Thank heavens for Grandma.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Paris.

Our Paris is such a funny girl. Not on purpose mind you.
I took her on a date last Saturday and when I go out one on one with the kid's I like to get updated on there likes and dislikes. So here is how the conversation went after all the regular color, food ect questions were asked
Mom: So Paris who is your favorite Brother?
Paris: Do you want them in order?
Mom: Sure
Paris: ok it goes............... 1. Knox
2. Foxx
3. Brody
4. Blaze
I came home and told Brad and we wondered if B or Blaze would be super offended since they ranked under the dog for brothers.
One more quick funny one about Paris. Mom went and picked the Kid's up from school today, and told me this funny but a little embarrassing story.
Mom got there a bit early so she was waiting outside Paris room and watching a little play they were acting out. Mom said Paris got to be the dog, and of course Paris was the perfect dog, Mom said she was prancing around on her hands and knee's, Sniffing the other kid's butt's, Barking.......................
Oh wait did i just say sniffing the other kid's butt's, Yes i did. She thinks it's ok since Foxx does it. Grandma explained to Paris that maybe next time she should not do that since the other kid's might not know that dog's do that not to mention how inappropriate it is!
So that's our Little girl in a nutshell.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to school

Back to School = Peace
Peace=Happy Mom

Happy Back to school everyone!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Opp's How did i forget?

Hmmm I forgot to post our christmas day pictures. Oops so here is dinner yummy.
Mom and her fab hostess apron
Photobucket Mmmm Dinner
Photobucket Oh Grandpa was trying so hard to stay awake for Knox
Photobucket B playing his DS
Photobucket We were up far to early!

Opps we forgot to Make Brad a cheese ball for christmas ever so here we are boxing day whipping one up for him

This has been my project for the christmas holidays. I've been over run with scraps of fabic that i hate to throw away but there was just so much so i cut it all up into 5 inch squares. Im going to arrange it into colors and stuff so i can make some really cool scrappy quilt. this was only about half of what i ended up with! Fun fun fun.