Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh Blazer

Our Little Ball of Fire turned 3 this past week. He's been so excited about having a birthday party since Paris had hers. He picked out red Plates and Cup's to go with his Lightning McQueen theme. He invited Grandma Carol, G'ma and G'pa Hough and Wolsey's. He had a awesome time. He was so excited to have everyone there.
My 3 favorite thing's about Blazer are............
#1. His Loves (including his Kisses and Hugs). He is the sweetest little boy when it comes to kisses. He'll kiss anything or anyone pretty much. He's going to be our little Casanova.
#2. I love the fact that I put pants on him at least 3 times in one day, But despite that he's in his underwear pretty much all day.
#3. His Love of Car's including the movie and anything else on wheels. He's passed this love on to his little brother as well.
We love Blaze, He's a little Spark in our lives (not always a good spark). He's full of life and love. He will always be our little Surprise