Friday, February 27, 2009

It's A Date!

I've got to say Paris has been the most excited girl today. Brad asked her out on a date this morning for tonight. A Movie and dinner. She Has been Primping all day we spend a hour and a half on her nails cause she had to have them done twice. She Picked out her favorite outfit. We looked on one of my favorite blogs for a hair do and she picked one out that she liked. Then she spent most of the afternoon in her room putting on her makeup. And with that i say we are in troble. She also said the prayer on the lunch this afternoon and blessed that her and daddy would be good on there date, And i thought to myself i hope she prays that way before all her dates!

On another not i got my monthy Pedicure done! Brad's best spent money. Brad started letting me go (or pushing me out the door) 5 or 6 months ago. He was tired of not being allowed to wear his Basketball shorts to bed cause my feet snagged them. Anyway i go to Coleen Keeler in town. She does a great job and i love love it. And just look how good my Cocktail weiners look (that's what Brad and most my family call my toes cause they look kind ugly).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So not much has happened in the last couple days. Yesterday i spent all morning making cinnomion buns and lasagna for one of the lady's i work with in young womans, She was in a car accident. Anyway the lasaga went fine but i was so mad i hate our oven the buns burnt on the top and hardley got done on the bottom. Oh well my kids will eat anything.

Today at Brody's school we went and heared a concert put on by Bob King which my family will know one of the songs he wrote......... Sandwiches are Beutifule. That was the only one that i think i knew but it was fun till Blaze started snooping in everyones bag. Oh that kid.

We woke up this moringing to 5 more inches of white fluffy stuff GRRRRRRRRR i hate winters and winter in canada they are never ending. We are suppose to get another 5 inches tonight so maybe i'll put Blaze in the middle of it tommorow and take a pictures.