Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wowza what a week.

We had quite the week last week!  And not in a good way.  Blaze started Preschool!!!  That was a good thing,  he loves it and loves being able to walk with the big kids home from school.

On our way home from Preschool on Monday (it was orientation)  I forgot to do a full stop at the stop sign.  Ooop who knew the police were in town.  Not  me.  Anyway long story short i got pulled over and got a ticket for a traffic violation (it was a $100 less then the ticket for stop sign)  I was happy with my $170 ticket considering i was driving without my licence,  I could only find the expired registration and Blaze was sitting on the floor in the very back of thee van,  well he was till i very calmly told him to hop on the seat and buckle up as fast as he could.  But he still was not in a car seat.  Anyway.

Knox got potty trained!  I'm happy about!  And he's also off his bottle,  We are no longer consider ourselves lazy parents (ok we still do but not as much).


Brad's car broke down.  We know it's kinda on it's last pistons but we are hoping it would last a bit long.... maybe it will. 

Long story short,  what was a expensive month already,  turned out to be doubly expensive.  But what do ya do right!
In the mean time we are working double hard to pay everything off.  I've had so many people ask me to do pictures,  i've got a craft show coming up that i'm hoping to make a bit at,  and i'm making 80 cupcakes for a wards new beginnings so,  we are slowly making up the money that we are spending on tickets and car stuff.  Blahhh!