Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dadadadada BatMan

I've got the cutest Batman that lives in my house.  Blaze had this mask for Halloween and I'm pretty sure it's the best 2.97 I've ever spent.  He loves being batman.  He convinced that a Kiss from me makes him supercharged.  So i get multiple kisses a day from that superhero in underoo's.  Brad also claims a kiss from me makes him supercharged to But I'm pretty sure Brad was being inappropriate.
This next picture is for Uncle RyRy.  See everyone licks the beaters.
And finally................................
Our house sold.  We are happy to be moving on to a larger space  But i'm a little sad i love our house and the yard but we are so excited to move on to a larger place.  We've been looking at Plans and we are going to start the process of building.  I'm so excited to have more then 1000 square feet for our family to co-exist peacefully. 
We have to be out the 28th of February so in other words.......  I know what I'll be doing the next month.