Saturday, February 20, 2010

Swimming, Is it a good thing or a bad thing???

This weekend was a busy one for us. We got up early Friday Morning to meet Missy in strathmore to pick up my kids! Yep that's right all week with there Auntie Missy! Who could ask for more Certainly not me! Then back to Lethbridge to pick up Brad and off to medicine hat. Brody had a hockey game in redcliff at 9:45am and a couple other family's and us thought it would be fun to stay over night and water slide.

So we arrived at the Hotel about 3 o'clock and all were excited. The big kid's kept saying thank you for taking them! and thought got Blaze excited as well. So out we piled from the Truck and in we went. We had a room over looking the pool! We thought if would be fun. Hmmmmm Rewind till last summer (oh yea Blaze does not like to swim, It took us months to make him like to bath) Well Blaze took one look out the door and down to the pool and water slides and this is what happened........

1. Blaze realizes there is a pool and he's expected to have fun in it
2. The other kid's are pummped
3. Blaze pouting again after being asked if he would like to put on his swim suit
4. Blaze fully clothed at the pool, this is him after somone splashed him on accident.
5. Finally Blaze put's on his swim suit and seems excited to get in the water
6.Hmmm after Brad put's him in the water, Guess he really did not want to go swimming

1 2 3 4 5 6

Other then the sleeping (yikkes) or not sleeping, and the lack of Blaze wanting to swim. It was a super trip and who new MH had a "5 guys" and a "Mucho Burrito" MMMMMM good eats!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funny Baby

Oh our Little Knox is growing up so fast. He started crawling like a mad man last week.
I've been tell Brad about this face that he makes but he's never seen it, so today my goal was to catch it in a picture. It took some work but here it is. Oh he's so cute.
We learned how to do circle quilts at quilt club last week. I'm hooked It's so fun and easy.

So I was telling Missy about it and She want's to try so i'm putting it step by step for her or anyone else so want's to try. I'm going to try to scan and put the pattern on or find one online but if you want a pattern just email me with your address and i can snail mail the paper to ya. Ok here it goes....

These are the two pieces that you will be cutting. you need 4 of each piece to make one block


2. fold each piece in half and finger crease so you can see the middle of each piece

3. Match the creases and pin
4. Stretch each side out and pin to fit along the edge. It takes quite a bit of stretching to get it but the more you do it the less pin's you have to use, because you get more use to how it is suppose to go.
5. do the same on the other side of the crease. So the entire piece is pinned

6. Start on the right side with the small piece up and slowly sew at 1/4 inch and turn as needed

#7. Trim as needed to make it square
#8. Once 4 squares are done iron and lay them out how you would like them to end up
#9. Fold over
#10 Be sure to match the seams and pin!!! This is super important or you'll have a wonkie cirlce.
#10. Pin and sew at 1/4 inch. Do this for both sides of the circle.
#11.Open both side and iron. Iron seams in opposite direction
#12. Match the middle seam and pin first, then match the two outer seams of the circle and pin, then sew at 1.4 inchs
#12. Open and iron this seam open
#13. after you sew and iron, most squares will need to be trimmed to make a even square.
And there you go. This is the Quilt I'm Making for Blazes Bed. Yes it's sock monkeys! I'll post pictures when im finished it. I think i'm going to love it!

Ok I hope that help ya miss!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary To Us.

Brad and I have been Married f or 9 blissfull years. Yes all 9 years have been wonderful with no fighting no arguing nothing. Just kidding but it has been the best 9 years of my life thus far.
We went out last night for our anniversary and we discussed what we have accomplished in the last nine years and what we want to accomplish in the next 9.
This is what we've accomplished
-moved to and from Edmonton
-Moved to and from Texas
-acquired a huge student loan debt
-home owners
-4 children
-1 dog
-and we are still in love!

Wow! Hopefully we'll have that many and more adventures in the next 9 years

So The Very most wonderful things i love about Brad are
1. He quietly does everything for me.
2. He Tidy`s up the house
3. He`s easy to make happy
4. He loves his kid`s
5.He Cook`s better and cleaner then i do and he clean`s up after he`s done
6. He`s my Big Daddy and just smiles when i call him that.
7. He would rather hang out with me then anyone else.
8. He is so good at making me laugh
9. He`s very thoughtful
10. He encourages us do do what we would like to do and he makes it possible.