Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Dennis

In the previous post we decided Blaze was a little Dennis the menace, even though he did not agree and still Say's "me Blazer", after last night IM convinced. I've been sick with a cold so last night i went and layed down and Brad and Brody were outside playing hockey and Paris was gone to gymnastics. Well Blaze was giggling and having fun and i was to sick or lazy to pull myself out of bed till i heard a huge squeal of delight followed by a huge splash. This is what i found.................................

If you can't tell what this is don't feel bad, I saw it first hand and it took me a minute to figure it out. Our Darling Dennis Oops i mean Blaze had found a entire roll of TP and put it in the sink then filled the sink with water, and then decided it would be a super idea to splash the h20/TP mixture all over the bathroom wall's and floor. Hmmm it only took 5 min and a wooden spoon to unclog the drain, but the clean up is a ongoing process today.

So Knox is growing so fast. He's six months old and ready to move. He gets excited and gets his little butt so far in the air. So yesterday he really surprised himself by sitting himself up from his tummy to his bum, it shocked him so bad he started crying. So he has started just today pulling himself with his arms' just like Brody uses to minus the grunting. He's such a good baby and we are so happy to have him.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Many sides of Blaze

Tonight we watched Dennis the Menace. We found many similarities between Dennis and Blaze.
I asked Blaze if he was Dennis the menace he said " no me Blazer" and went about his business.

Today i stayed home from church (recouping from a cough/cold) 45min into church i get a phone call. Hmmmm could it be Brad "This kid is going to kill me" (insert Blaze screaming in the background). That was only the third time he had been out in sacrament meeting.

Cupcakes tonight...............

We love our Blaze. I think he was appropriately named. He's been our most challenging toddler but we love his little spark (just not in big doses). He is a very nice little boy and full of cuddles and kisses and really does love life! We are so happy to have him in our family, but I'm not going to lie we'll be happy when he grows out of this stage (we are crossing our fingers that it's just a stage)