Friday, December 23, 2011

Notice the new look.......

Thanks to A very Talented  SIL....  I've got a beautiful new Header on the Blog!!!  Thanks again Noelle!! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Rink is Back!!!

  Brad's be waiting all year well since we moved into this house to build the rink.  He had great visions on how it was going to work.  It didn't work out quite like he wanted.  He started on the cement pad and took it onto the grass.  But i don't think the lawn was frozen enough,  so he had to shorten it up.  But so far the kid's have had such a great time on it.

The little Boy's have really taken to it.  Blaze is already skating with out a chair.  Knox can't hardly wait till Brad gets home from work to go!  So tonight they went out for FHE.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brody's Big Birthday

I feel like this is a overwhelming task to keep up with the Blog.  Not sure why writing it use to come so easy to me.  Not sure if I'm just running low on time, energy or have totally lost my sense of humor,  It's sometimes hard to laugh at the boy's destructive way.  Like the other day,  It was a busy day and Blaze found a bottle of white glue and a paint brush and painted a wall downstairs.....  Back in my good humor day's i would have taken a picture and laughed and put it on the blog,   But in stead all i could say is  "are you kidding me" and cleaned it up.  I think maybe it's coming with age,  I'm old and set in my way's.  Anyway long story short New Years is coming and this is a perfect Goal to set for myself.

Anyway onto the meat and potato's of the month.  November, December is always busy.  I had 3 craft shows to get ready for and do.  I was scheduled for a surgery in April but The begging of Nov.  I got a phone call saying it had been bumped up to Dec. 7th.  Yikes.  So i got my butt in gear and got all the pictures edited and Back, All of Christmas Purchased and arranged, and all my craft stuff put away.  It was kinda a blessing in disguise.  It's made December so much nicer cause i really have to take it easy and so it's been way easier to say no to things i don't have to do. 

So it's been a really fun December (minus the whole cutting into me and not being able to sleep on my tummy).  Before i went in, On the 6th it was B's Big 10th Birthday.  So we asked him awhile ago if he wanted a party or just wanted to go out to dinner with Brad and I.  He really wanted to go out to the water tower.  Our Brody is really into good food,  He wanted to go there and eat a good Piece of Salmon.  Yep that's right he'll do anything for a piece of fish.  Blahhh.  Anyway   It was fun to take Brody out.  He got money from everyone this year so we took him shopping after to buy his Birthday presents.  he was so excited he had enough for Hex bugs with the track (something he's asked for but I'm the Mom who thinks if it looks dumb I'm not buying it)  Well i was wrong it is really fun.   Anyway  He had a great time!

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Our Brody had Grown up so much.  Just in the past month or so he's started looking so old.  he's  lost all his Baby Fat (OK he never had Baby fat).  But he's just grown up.  He loves hockey  I'm pretty sure that's his number one love of course during the winter.  He also loves loves Sledding.  He is good in school and loves his teacher.  His favorite subjects are Math and Gym.  He likes to play with his friends and he's so good at Babysitting.  We are so glad he's part of our family!