Friday, February 26, 2010

What the "Crap" is down the toilet, (no pun intended) oh who am i kidding i did mean it as a pun.

So that is the question we've been asking ourselves all week.

Blazer had made it his mission when we are trying to catch him to run with what ever he has and toss it in the toilet! So the other day when the toilet would not flush we went strait to Blazer and said what's in the toilet.

Mom: Blazer what is in the toilet
Blazer: poop mom
Mom: Blaze what else did you put in the toilet?
Blazer: poop mom

Then next day

Mom: Blazer what is in the toilet?
Blazer: poop Mom
Mom: what else did you put in the toilet?
Blazer: a car mom
Mom: What car
Blazer: purple one mom

Grrrrrr so it had been 3to4 day's with a half flushing toilet that i had to plunge every time and the kid's used it. I told Brad that it sucked cause i could not even put a out of order on the door since it's our only toilet.

So around the same time we had noticed that the roller that the toilet paper goes on was missing as well. When quizzed about that missing piece Blaze said he put it in the garbage. Hmmmmm

So Wednesday rolls around and this is what happened Wed night
Photobucket Yep that's were it was stuck! yep and it was beside...... Well im sure you can imagine
Brad took the toilet off and looked up. And I'm not kidding i have a gutt of steel nothing and I mean nothing grosses me out until now!!!

Blahh The stink alone of the toilet not flushing totally for 3 day's. The kid's obviously did not listen to me when i told them to hold it till thy got to school.
So Brad got the flashlight out and found the culprit........................ Yep you guessed it, it was the toilet paper roller. It had contracted and then expanded and got really stuck Brad tryed everything. Finally I suggested we get the drill with the big drill bit out and just bust it up as much as he could to get it out. I did take a picture of it but it really was to gross to share (and i'll share just about anything, so you know how bad it really was).

Well 2 min later and a lot of poop Brad had it out and we were back in business!

So we've figured Blaze owes us
$8 for a new T.P. holder
$2.50 for a new Wax ring for the bottom of the toilet
$4.00 for an entire bottle of anti bac. soap
and well there's not enough money in the world to repay Brad for the poopy stinky job so We are in agreement that to repay for the labor it will cost him his entire adolescence life, to do chores or pretty much anything Brad asks of him.

I hope his minute of fun was worth it for him!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blazes' Prayers

Blaze is really getting the hang of saying his prayers. At this age the other two kid's repeated what we said and really caught on.... Well Blazer has figured out a much easier way, This is how it usually goes..................

Mom: we are thankful for our food
Blazer: yep
Mom: we are thankful for our house
Blazer: Yep
Mom: We are thankful for my Brothers and sister
Blazer : (with excitement) Yep
Mom: We are thankf......... (mom gets cut off)
Blazer: Amen

At least he's learning to kneel still for 1/2 min.

Monday, February 22, 2010

FHE Brody/Paris style

Brody's been working on his faith in god award since he's turned eight. He decided yesterday to do one which he had to prepare a FHE lesson on one of the principals of the Gospel. So he and Paris (who is also working on his FIG) put there heads together and came up with a great game.

They picked things that were good for you and some that are not good for you. Drew a picture of both and wrote out what they were and put them in a bag. We in turn had to pick them out and get matching bad things or good things. They worked for a good hour on them.
This was the finished game. It was very fun and tricky might i add when i pulled out a chocolate bar that was watermelon flavored, I'm not going to lie, i was confused, I thought watermelon fruit but chocolate,sugar hmmm. He loved that i was tricked up on it cause that's why he made it be watermelon flavored for a trick. What good kids! oh and his Wein (wine) was also a funny one

Blaze got up happy this morning (yep that right happy) He got dressed right away and wanted to go out and play. So he got bundled up and out he went. He loves being outside and has found that icicles are super good to eat, but not if they are yellow (my words of wisdom). This was him with his arsenal. he insisted on taking everything with wheels out with him and once he gets them out there lined up he finds his bike and rides it around with out even touching all the vehicle we painstakingly dragged out there.