Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heart Friggin Burn!

Wow! I've always giggled at people when they said they had heart burn not that i think it's funny at all i just never realized how bad it really is! I remember having heartburn with Blaze but nothing compared to now!!! It's Been horrible off and on (Mostly on) for a few day's now. So finally last night at the peak or discomfort i finally looked it up, I thought there has to be something i can do more then just eating my tums like crazy so this is what i learned.........

1.Do not eat greasy or fatty foods............... Last night we had KFC (with Lot's of gravy)
2.Do not eat tomato or tomato products................. I washed down the KFC with Chips and Salsa
3.Caffeine has been known to heighten pain............... I upgraded to a large Coke Slurpee last night
4.Avoid large amount of fluid around meals............ I always have a huge glass of water with Ice
5.Don't eat close to bedtime................... Well that is just crazy talk, That's when the chips and salsa happened
6.Gain a sensible amount of weight during pregnancy.................See above for what i consume at night alone!
7.Wear Loose comfortable clothing............ What is that? Again look at what i eat the sensible weight gain and yea how do i fit into anything that is not tight right!!
8. Chocolate also has been know to cause heartburn.....................I had to have the Slurpee to wash down the chocolate bar
9. Do not smoke............................Good news there i didn't smoke anything!!

So long story short......................Which is worse cutting out my Pregnancy Food obsession or Heartburn?????????

I'm still up in the air about it all! But i will no longer giggle at heartburn!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

One funny thing after another!

Today was quite a entertaining Sunday! Brad got a new Bread machine for my mothers day, I know makes no sense but he's been bugging me to get one so i bought one for mothers day for him! But i guess i am reaping the rewards of it he's had it for all of 24 hours and he's on his 3 loaf of bread. The first was a herb bread then this morning he made a Cinnamon raisin bread(which was a sacrifice for him since it was fast Sunday so he was the only one not eating it) now i believe he's going to whip up some Banana Bread. Anyway The kid's were sent over to mom's this morning at 8:30 to borrow some raisins for the bread anyway they returned home in such a panic Paris came banging on the front door so i yelled at her to go to the back door, So she comes taring around to the back with B sobbing behind her. She starts in on a unbelievable but believable tale which consisted of a race, a cocky brother, and a red truck......... Can you guess. They were racing and B turned around to laugh at Paris cause he was winning and yep ran full speed into the neighbor's red truck. So while Brad and I being the ultra concerned parent's we are trying to mask our laughing and comfort him could not hold it in any longer after he said " Well it hurt less then when i hit the bus!" YES That's right he did the same thing last year but hit the back end of a bus which busted off his reflector and took a little piece of his pride with it.
After we doctored B up i hopped in the shower and through the curtain Paris relived the story to me which of course I'm still giggling quietly and Paris finally Say's Mom quit laughing it's not funny! Oh but it was, Especially when she told me that she was yelling at B to stop, But of course he was not listening cause he thought she just wanted to beat him! I told her she need to yell that there was a parked truck in front of him and maybe he would have stopped faster.

It was fast and testimony meeting today, It was really busy tonnes of people got up it was nice and made the time go fast. The highlight being a little Primary guy (about Paris' age) got up and the bishopric lowered the mike and he bore his testimony then he just stood there smiling for a minute, There was a line up behind him we were not sure what he was doing, Anyway with further investigation our whole side of the chapel realized they had lowered the podium on his little had and he couldn't move and he didn't know what to do. Finally they lifted the podium and the little guy said a quick ouch and went of the stage shaking his hand. I thought i was going to die laughing. Well our whole side of the chapel burst out laughing.

Anyway we got home tonight and made a super Sunday dinner (well Brad made and cleaned up!) we had roast, Mashed potato's, gravy, Yorkshire pudding and carrots. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Mom Called to see if Blaze would like a ride with Dad in the wagon so we went out in the front yard and visited with Mom while Dad took the kiddies on a tonne of rides up and down the street. It was a fun night and a nice night only a teeny bit chilly but nice!

Blaze and Grandpa start out on a little tootle......

Pretty soon the big kid's takeover.....

hold on Blaze gets back in on it.........

Grandpa Becomes a bit distracted... and Paris a little inpatient......

Paris now takes control of the wheel.....

Paris gets in trouble and has to return grandpa's wheel's

And Dad takes the kid's on one more run up the road. (Notice the biggest kid in the wagon)
Blaze Thinks his Daddy is the coolest!