Friday, March 26, 2010

Cub Car...................

So it was the Cub Car Rally Yesterday. It was Brad's I Mean Brody's First. (hehe) They worked hard on there car and it was pretty nice. It's name was "The Wolster" and it was Oilers colors.

Brody was very excited for his first rally. He placed close to the bottom but Brad and Him have the tricks of the trade for next year.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well i am wishing i had something brilliant to say or a hilarious story to tell or pretty much anything amusing in my life today. Alas nothing.
We went to Grandma &Grandpa Hough's today for a visit with the boy's. B Got invited to practice 3on3 hockey in coaldale tonight. Paris is watching Cartoons Knox is playing in his plaything and Blazer is quietly Watching Tomas the train (i did say quietly so who knows what he's actually doing) But at this point I'm not caring. Brad's not home till Late tonight, He's off to the cannery to can me some sugar. I'm trying to muster all the get up and go that i have to go clean up the huge treat Blazer left in the tub for me! (I sorry Mommy i poop). Wow did you not just poop 2 sec. ago on the potty and say you were done?

So Since i have nothing great to share or to write about i decided after reading my Loverly sister's blog about spring fever and her plan's. I decided to write down our spring plans

It's been nice out and Brad and I've really got the building bug (after much discussion on how we won't let a few inches on a piece of wood ruin our marriage), We've decided to...................

1. Build a Deck. We are thinking it won't cost that much and it will sure make it look nicer and maybe someone will buy this house just cause the deck is done!

2. Build a headboard for our bed. I finally want to decorate our room a little. So it's a nicer place to be till we sell it.

3. Re-paint the house. Big project but i think with a little bit of a mellow color someone might think oh good i won't have to repaint.

4. Maybe do Wainscoting in the living room/kitchen.

5. Clean up the yard and Trim this massive/ugly tree outside our house.

That's quite a list but I'm sure with the lack of vacation's this spring and the lack of any other weekend commitments, we just might get it done!

So what's on your Spring ToDo list?

I can't leave a post without a picture................
The kid's had Hat day at school. These were there Hat's of choice.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blazers Prayer tonight

We knelt down to say family Prayer tonight. Blazer wanted to say it. Brad told him if he said it he would have to say the words not just Yea.
So tonight's prayer

Brad: We are thankful for our house
Blazer: House
Brad: We are thankful for Family
Blazer: thankful family
Brad: We are thankful for this day
Blazer: Day
Brad: Please help us make good choices
Blazer: good choices
Brad: Please help us go to sleep good tonight
Blazer: Ummmm NO

Everyone bursts out laughing and Brad quickly finishes the prayer.
We all know Blazers feelings on bedtime.