Saturday, October 10, 2009

Birthday Boy

So Brad is officially the Big 30! Yep that's right he's heading right into middle age. OK a few more years but he is no longer in his twenty's he's in his early 30's. Wow.

I've been with Brad for 13years now. 13 Birthdays later i still love him and to me he does not look a day over 29. Missy did this about me on her blog and i thought it was fun so i thought I would do it on this Blog

Best Friend or Big Daddy
Causes yelling
Dad, Best
French Fries (homemade)
Helps so much with the kids
Monopoly at Mcdonalds
Proud of us
Rubs (back)
Stinks (but not as bad as me)
Very Good Kisser
Won Ton Soup
x-ray Pro
Younger each year
Zebra (ok i could not think of a Z) Or the African Safari Zebra Bahahaha

I love Brad so much and I'm so proud of him. And i know everyone Say's this But it's true with Brad He's the best Husband and Dad ever.

Love you!!!

So the Kid's made him this super Briefcase and told him he could use it for his work stuff. Inside the Paper Brief case was two coupon book's. Along with one loonies taped in each. Of course Brody did not have the loonies himself so he talked Paris into using both her loonies, Which is a typical B thing to do. But Just yesterday Paris said to me......

P-I think i want my Loonies back
Mom-Oh but that was a gift to dad and when you give a present you cant ask for it back
p-Well i really want them back, I only have them to Dad so he would be super excited.

So i guess she'll get her loonies back!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Free Giveaway!!

Well i guess it's free if it's a giveaway duh! Missy's one of my most beloved sisters hehe is doing a super giveaway on her blog for vinyl! $30 so be sure to pop over and check it out. They make super christmas gift's and just plain of fun for your walls. (ok if you see this miss i reall would like "This is how we roll" maybe i can win that!

Ok here is her blog be sure to enter and check out all her stuff!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Am so "Small Town"

I admit it, I'm very "small town". After growing up in a small town and swearing i would never move back here, I am, and i do see how great some things really are. OK don't get me wrong there is a lot of crappy things that come from small town but right know I see tonnes of good in it.

So here goes...... What i like about being "Small Town"

Friday was a big day in our town..........

The Trading Company was bought by a couple from BC who moved here. Anyway They shut it down the first of September so it could be redone. Ok first of all I did not shop tonnes up there but boy i missed it, just for milk and bread sometimes and it was just convenient. So Friday was the big re opening! Mom popped by about 9:30 and said if your anybody your up at the new "Roosters". She had been up already and said there were people taking pictures and she said the Bank closed down and all the bank ladies marched a bouquet of flowers over and checked out the new store. So of course not wanting to miss anything, i got dress and Piled the boy's into the truck and up we went to check it out.

Mom was totally right! there was barley a parking spot to be had uptown. We had to park way across the street at the post office. So we pushed the cross walk button (only because it was so busy up town we did not want to get run over by super excited on lookers). So into the store we went. Know you've got to know that going uptown for a quick jug of milk could take up to a half hour cause there is always someone to visit with. But today was a exception There was most of the town up there walking through all the aisle you could just feel the excitement in the air. People visiting back and forth how great it looked and how many choices of frozen vege's there are, and what a great location for the milk product, and how great it was to have a butcher back.

We spent almost a hour up town visiting and exploring! So in all my excitement i went home and called Brad at work and announced my excitement and started rattling off the layout and new prices and all the sale stuff they had, And Brad patiently listened for a bit then finally interrupted me and said Kade i really don't care. So i guess I'm the small town one, Brad will not go up there with me to check it out he refuses to go until he need something. And I say forget that i went up for a second time Friday and got grocery that i just did not need, just out or pure excitement.

It's incredible Friday and Saturday was just buzzing uptown and then this is what main street looks like on a Sunday. Hardley a car to be seen.

That's why i love a small town!

These other pictures are for the far away Wolsey Family
Mmmmmmm Sunday Supreme!!
So sad you all missed it!