Friday, May 1, 2009

Where has the time gone?

So i was looking through old pictures on the computer and came across the ones I took of the kids in September of '08 at the beginning of the year. So i compared them to the most recent one's of the kiddies which was still a couple of months ago. Anyway it's amazing the changes they have made in such little time! I guess the biggest changes would be how independent they are. With B I think it would be his teeth. He just keeps loosing them without gaining very many. Paris Has changed in so many way's She's quite independent since beginning kindergarten. And Blaze's little personality has just blossomed in the past few months.
Today we went into Blazes Ear's Nose Throat specialist to check on his tubes. For the one second he was not screaming and wiggling, She got a little peek and said they look good. So we are happy about that. He seem to be finally getting over the trauma of that whole ordeal.
Today When we got home from Lethbridge Blaze was so excited to see Poppa Rod he could hardly stand himself so Grandpa hooked up the wagon to the scooter and took Blaze and Paris on a little tootle. Dad is such a good sport about taking the kids for a treat and picking them up from school. The kids love it.
Brody 'feb09 Paris Feb '09

Blaze feb '09

The Kiddies March'09

B September '08
Paris September '08

Blaze September'08

Kiddies September '08
Where does the time go?

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Wolsey Kid's , Well so far, There are 2 more on the way. Angie and Nathan are Moving to Toronto this week so we all ate dinner together last night at Scott and Falene's and said our goodbyes. We'll sure miss those cute little boy's and hopefully when they move back there will be more of them!! (hint hint)


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Most of the Gibb Grandkid's

So i took advantage of lots of the niece's and Nephew being here this weekend and i made them come and get pictures done in the cold garage. I needed new pictures for the wall and there so fun to take pictures of. Anyway here they are, and the kid's are the cutest if i do say so myself.
Tomorrow I'll put on the pictures of Wolsey Kiddies that are moving so far away.

Grandpa's 85th!

We had a fun time on Friday. Grandpa and Grandma had a Dr. Appt. In lethbridge then came back to Mom and Dad's and had a birthday dinner with us. Super food and It's always fun with Grandpa and Grandma around!