Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh the Joy's

The joy's of not being Pregnant out weight the positive by far for me. I'm not a fan of being pregnant at all and i will tell anyone. With each pregnancy I've found myself being more intolerable of anything. I yell a lot and cry even more and i find myself constantly apologizing to the kids and telling them when I'm not pregnant i will be nice again.
So on to the one thing i truly enjoy about being pregnant and it will be sorely missed is the acceptance of a person my age wearing elastic waisted pants. That is the true joy i find. As soon as i find I'm pregnant out come the elastic pants. They are the most comfortable pants ever.
So today i said a official good by to elastic pants for at least 35 years. I went though my old clothes trying all my pants on and kinda sad only one pair fit's and they don't look so hot right know but soon they will fit. Anyway so i got a boost of energy so i went through my closet and got all the maternity stuff out and ended up with one basket full, Which i did have 3 heaping baskets of maternity. I'm pretty proud of the cleaning out i did obviously if i had to take a picture.
So I'm off to take a quick nap after a hard morning of work.....(ok not hard).
My closet post cleaning
All the maternity clothing that will be sorely missed

He look's so sweet but..........

This is how Knox helped out this morning. He just slept. What a good boy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Knox Merrigan Wolsey

I'm using this Blog as a journal since I'm so bad at real ones I'm printing off my entries and putting them in a book, That's why some are more in depth then other's so excuse this post it's about having Knox. Mind you i have not gone into that much detail which i do if you ask me in person. I say the more exciting you make it the better the story is eh!

Well it's been 2 week's since Knox was born and I'm finally getting around to write about it. Life's been so busy with other things going on. It seems like he popped out and life went on so quickly that we haven't had tonnes of time to just enjoy him.

He was born on July 14th. I started having contractions early in the morning but they were far apart and not super strong and after having a false alarm 2 week's earlier i was a little hesitant to say anything. Brad went to work and I stayed in bed. Mom called and asked how things were going so i told her, She got nervous just because with the other's things happened so fast. But i kept putting it off just to make sure it was real.

So finally about 3 in the afternoon we (as in mom and me) went to the hospital to get checked out. The dr. came and said it was for real so we got all checked in and Brad came home from work to the hospital. Thing's were going but not super fast so we walked and all the of the sudden the contractions were a minute apart and Ouch! By then i was really regretting my previous decision to not have the epidural. In Raymond they don't do them and i had though "oh crap i can do it with out". Well i did do it with out but i would have got one or i would have taken anything by the end of it. I was feeling myself loosing control and i expressed my concerns to Brad, I told him i thought i was getting quite unpleasant. Of course he said no I was not. Which was a great answer considering the position i was in at the time. So finally about 20 min to 11pm it was time to push, Which was totally foreign to me since i only have to push once with B and i had a epidural the other's just popped out. Wow so the Dr. gave me a quick lesson in pushing and boy do i feel for the women to have to push for more then 15min i can't imagine. But it happened he finally was born at 11:00.

It was worth the pain, he's a sweet little baby, He sleeps and eats and poop's and all in all he is a content baby.

I've been feeling pretty good for just giving birth. I've had a little trouble with my hemoglobin. When i had my false alarm my hemoglobin was down to 110 (suppose to be 140-160) and my heart rate was up over 100 which it should be 60ish So dr. Steed was a bit considered. After having Knox i lost a lot more blood then usual on account of my satellite placenta (yes you read that right, and it's as weird as it sounds). Anyway they took my blood after and it was down to 87 so Dr. steed sent me in a few day's after to check it again and it was up to 101 so it's slowly going up but mean while i have a lack of energy. But all thing considered with having 4 kids and trying to keep up I'm doing pretty good.

This is Knox's Birth announcement
a few pictures of Knox

This is how Blaze is taking the lack of attention.......

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Magrath Days Excitement, and other awkward social situations

This weekend was Magrath Celebrations. It was also my 10 year High school reunion. That was Friday, I went up to it with Knox while Brad stayed home with the kids. I took Knox just in case i had no body to sit with or anything to talk about with people i have not seen in 10 years. I did not really want to go just cause it`s one of those awkward social situations that i just don't like. But it was fine. I had somebody to sit by and we did have fun.
Saturday we went to the parade in the morning. Paris was on a float and the boy`s had fun catching the candy and trying to catch a few water balloons that flew my way.
After the Parade the Wolsey family came over for a BBQ. The kids had fun playing in the pool while everyone watched. We ate super good food and visited. But i think the highlight for me was the Kids putting on a Micheal Jackson show! Super funny.
Here is Knox affectionately know as Foxy Knoxy
Todd, Grandma Falene and Grandma Roberts.

Grandpa Roberts, Scott, David and Prego Noelle

Grandma Wolsey, Paris and Jeff

The kid`s playing in the pool. Blaze was a super crazy on it. It`s pretty funny to watch!

Mmmmmmm the good food!

Knox`s first full church day. He looked so cute in this white shirt and golf pant.
He looked like a old man golfer but so cute non the less!

Oh and this is Paris Birthday party invite that we did tonight for her. She`s super excited for her big day and to be able to have a party is so much more exciting.
(I'm not a party mom but she was dying to have a party since she`s been in school and actually has friends)