Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Crafty Girls

Paris had a sleepover with her friend Tiana on Friday night.  They woke up and were eager to play.  Brody and I left early to lethbridge and left Brad in charge of the little boy's and the girls.  So the girls found all the scrap pieces of wood we have floating around and got out my craft paint's and started painting.  Blaze joined in and they got Lots painted and were so excited.  It took them a while to decide what to do with all the painted wood. 

They came up with........ Selling them!!  Bahaha  Brad was so embarrassed  but Blaze and the girls Pulled out the little table to the road,  Got there chairs out,  and Painted a giant MDF sign!  They placed thier woods on a pampers box and got ready to sell.  They started out charging 4 dollars for the big pieces and then down from there.  I talked to Paris for a minute on the phone and she was a little disappointed in Brad. DAD  would not let them sell thier stuff uptown and second,  he made them lower the price. 

So they ended up with 4 pieces for a dollar.  Brad was working in the back yard and before he new it the girls were running back yelling about their first 2 dollars!   Brad was dying of embarrassment in the back yard as the girls were waving car's over,  chanting about thier goods.  At one point they had to run back to the craft room and paint some more wood because demand was so high.

After being sold out of Painted wood scrap's they came out with a total of $10,  Yep that's right $10.

I'm still giggling about it!  What funny kid's.




Also i was going to blog about this!  Mandy Baker is doing a giveaway on her photography blog!  I love the Laundry mat pic's.  Anyways go check it out!!!  You get made Pretty and get pictures!!