Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thanks mom for a nature moment!

So mom called the kid's yesterday morning and told them she had just got home from her walk and they had seen a injured baby deer. She said she would come pick them up to go look. So we all jumped in the van and on the way out Grandma explained to the kid's about this dear hurting it's leg and sister Regehr was going to call the fish and wildlife to come help it ect.ect. A nice story all in all, and the kid's were anxious to see this little deer. So we get to the place and Mom said oh it's already been taken , boy that was fast so we circle around and mom spotted it....... and so did the kid's......... Somebody had put it out of it's misery with one right though the head. It was totally mangled with one of the eye balls popped right out. So Mom exclaims well we don't need to see that and speed off but not before the kid's got a good look at a mangled baby deer. Paris told Grandma it looked like someone ran over it's head not it's leg. Mom and i burst out laughing and laughed all the way home meanwhile trying to explain to the kids why someone shot it between burst of laughter. Well it was a good try at having a nature moment with the kids but we don't want one again for a long time!

here is a few random pictures
Paris came home boobing the other day after being outside playing with kids
I asked what the problem was but dident really listen, But then she lifted up her shirt and she had a perfect hand print on her tummy. One of the kid's had wound up and smacked her. No wonder she was boobing!
Brad had a movie night with the kid's last night.... there is almost to many of us
to fit on the pull out couch.

We went to head smashed in Buffalo jump today. The kids had fun. Half way though Paris asked why it as all about buffalo... We had to remind her the name of the place but that's our girl.
Blaze had a fun time picking the buffalo's nose.

This was Knox's first big outting and our's as a family of 6. All in all it went well. We left with everyone we came with.

I was messing around with the camera while Brad was trying to figure out were we were going and this is the picture it took. I really like it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Boy's

I can't believe how big my boy's are getting!
B will be 8 years old in December. Yikes.
I thought this was kinda a funny picture of him
And Knox is almost a month old! It feels like i just pushed him out.
Time goes by to fast!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boy's Gone Wild!

So Brad and I were in a deep discussion on what we were going to do this weekend, As we were getting Blaze out of the tub. We threw his towel on him and kept talking. About 5 minutes into our big important discussion we both looked at each other and said where's Blaze?????? So we went out to the kitchen and there was his towel laying there on the floor and the sliding door was wide open. Oop's you know you have to many kids when you cant keep track of them all.
So I told Brad to grab the camera of course (cause that's just funny), and go find Blaze. Pictures have be edited for modesty reasons.
Blaze running away from Brad as fast as his little bun's would take him.
This is were Brad found Blaze in all his glory, In the garage playing with all the wheels.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It was Paris Birthday Party today. Her actual birthday is the 29th but we had her party today. So i had the bright idea to have it down at the stake campground which has the water slide! So i don't have to entertain all her friends and it's easy and easy clean up. Well let me tell you, As i was up feeding Knox at 4:30 this morning listening the the thunder and pouring rain, I kind freaked out! What the crap, how am i going to entertain 12 Kids in our little tiny house!
Anyway Mom had a brilliant suggestion to book the gym at the church! Great idea but meanwhile we had to figure out games and activity's for the party. I'm really not a party mom and i was thinking all morning how bad would it be to just un invite a few of the kid's. But with the help of Mom and Missy, Brad and I got it together and did it. I dont know what i would have done if Brad had worked today.
Anyway the only thing we forgot was the camera. After that we had the family over for supper and cake for Paris and Blaze Birthday. Grandma and Grandpa Wolsey came along with Great Grandma Carol and Grandma and Grandpa Hough and of course the sharpe kid's and Missy who was so great to drive all the way down here for a birthday party and Mom and Dad and the Dickson Kids. We were so happy to have everyone come. It was a great evening and thanks to Mom great food!
This is the most popular cake made by Mom. All the Kids ask for it for every birthday. It`s a angel food cake with fluffy icing (it`s a Money cake) all the kid`s this year got a Loonie!
The super sprinkled Cupcakes

Mmmmmmm Food

Paris and Blaze blowing out the candles. Paris blew out the first few and was so great to leave a few for Blaze to blow out after he figured out what was going on.
Opp`s Blaze is not use to the smoke!

Blaze`turn to blow out the candles. He was so excited about it.
And this is what Scoutty thought of the whole thing!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Have the best Husband ever!

I know Lot's of people say that but it really is true. He cleans, does laundry, puts up with my crap, Wakes up with Knox to feed him in the night, rub's my back(with no expectations, i don't think), helps me get organized, Helps get kids to bed, he makes me laugh all the time, I only have to hint about being thirsty once maybe twice before he roll`s his eye`s and then get`s me a drink, he Pretty much keeps our family running..... And boy I'm so glad for him, One day I'll be as good as a wife to him as he is a husband to me (When my hormones are back to normal maybe) Love you Brad!

Blazer being a super duper helper........Kinda

Oh... Big Mooches

We made a quick visit to Grandma and Grandpa`s sunday. Cute picture of the oldest and youngest so far on this side of the family.