Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blazers Date day...

So for the past while Blazer and i have been planning our date...  I've got a galvanized old bin thing that we (Blazer and I) planted flowers in last year...  So this year we wandered back into the garden center in walmart and Blazer got excited about getting our flowers planted this year.  I told him we had wait till pay day.  Blazer came up with a alternative.. He said "Mom,  When is your craft night...?? You should make money that night and then we can use that to get flowers...."  So that's what we did.. Who cares about putting the money back into the bank account right...

So Today was our date day... We went into Dan's Greenhouse and Blazer got a cart and away we went.  He got to pick out all the flowers himself which he felt pretty proud of.  We got everything he though would look nice... Which came to a whopping $38...Yikes... way more then i would have spent.  Then we headed off to Walmart to buy the dirt... Hmm there is something wrong with that... Buy dirt.  Anyway we made it home and got right to work.

Blaze is pretty happy with his master piece and I've got to say it turned out way cuter then i was expecting while i was watching him pick out all the flower... I did so good to keep my mouth shut. blazer 004

He even had his own work gloves.
blazer 006
blazer 008

blazer 019

And Yes Blazer did pick out the extra's in there...

blazer 034

Now here's hopin' that knox won't go pick them all??