Friday, January 14, 2011

Wow, What the heck.

'There has been nothing worthy of Blogging about.  Well so i thought.  I just have not taken pictures of anything so i think i can't blog with out pictures but i guess i can.

So we've got a creeper.  We like to call her Creepy McCreeperson AKA Paris.  She taken to walking around in her sleep.  It's between 11pm and 3am,  We hear a creak (door) and Brad and i look at each other and wait for it.   About a min. later Paris comes a creeping into our room having no idea what she's saying or doing.  It's funny most of the time.  She comes in and we chat with her and giggle at her and take her back to bed.  We have to escort her to her room,  One time i said Paris go back to bed and she ended up in the boy's room.  So the other night about 2am  I woke up and she was staring down at me rubbing my hair,  Creepy!!!  Good thing we love her anyway.

Brody is up to his usual.  He's going through a stage that he knows everything (oh wait it's not a stage it's just him)  grrr.  ""We got into it the other morning about him closing the van door.  The dashboard light's up with the word door and the light's don't turn off inside if the doors but he insists that it's not his door and and how do i know that the door is open ect.ect.  It's the most annoying thing I've ever have taken part in.  I ask him if he argues with his teachers,  He claims he does not but the way he argues with me i beg to differ.

Blaze is up to his usual.  Last Sunday i heard a child screaming and did not think anything of it till i walked past the room and realized it was my child that was screaming.  I asked him after church if he was a good boy he replied with a quick yes then after a bit of contemplation he says "oh no Mommy, I was a bad boy at Primary today".  In his defence (because I'm his mom and should defend him)  he has a hard time with Brad teaching music in primary and he wants to be up there with him ect.  He came home the first week of primary and told me he got a special cheer.  he said "Mommy they tell me Hip Hip Hooray Blaze" I gave Brad a questioning look and he rolls his eyes and said the whole primary challenged Blaze to sit in his seat the whole time.   I asked if they did it for the rest of the kids,  Umm Nope just our Blazer.

Knox is starting to be pretty funny.  He's a rough and tumble little boy around his brother.  He can wrestle with the best of them.  He's taken to only liking Brad in the middle of the night if he wakes up.  I feel really bad about this (total sarcasm).  Brad Say's it's just payback for the first 3 kids only liking me.

So like goes on at the Wolsey's 'Brad's work is fine,  I'm fine at home.  I've been doing a craft group,  It's been really fun so far.  I started in Oct. and we do it once a month.  This month we are doing the word LOVE (if Brad gets them cut out)  Next month We are doing Menu boards or Candy jar's.  I have not decided or Maybe if all goes as Planned I'll have to postpone till......... March..........
I'll explain that next week if it happens.  Anyway we are planning and preparing for our trip to Disney land.  Not to much longer and we'll be flying away to a warmer destination.  And just after that It will be Brad and my 10th Anniversary. (how has he done it?  I know)