Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So not much has happened in the last couple days. Yesterday i spent all morning making cinnomion buns and lasagna for one of the lady's i work with in young womans, She was in a car accident. Anyway the lasaga went fine but i was so mad i hate our oven the buns burnt on the top and hardley got done on the bottom. Oh well my kids will eat anything.

Today at Brody's school we went and heared a concert put on by Bob King which my family will know one of the songs he wrote......... Sandwiches are Beutifule. That was the only one that i think i knew but it was fun till Blaze started snooping in everyones bag. Oh that kid.

We woke up this moringing to 5 more inches of white fluffy stuff GRRRRRRRRR i hate winters and winter in canada they are never ending. We are suppose to get another 5 inches tonight so maybe i'll put Blaze in the middle of it tommorow and take a pictures.


  1. Is it rude to tell you it was like 50 here today? :) I love the end of winter.

  2. Canadian winters definitely suck.