Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Flavor?

So Brad called home this morning at 9:30 which he never does and asked how my day was going, Which was nice but i had a feeling he had an alternative motive. So after the pleasantry's he Say's..... So did you call the doctors office? Bingo I knew he was way more inpatient them i am. He wanted to know the sex of this baby. I was going to call the Doctors office tomorrow cause i knew for sure they would have the results by then. But Brad pleaded with me to call today. So i got off the phone with him and called the Doctors office up.

SO............. It's a BOY Baby

Brad was really holding out for a girl just to even up the fam. but I knew it was a boy. Never the less we are super excited for the new little member of our family, Blaze will have a good little friend close in age and on the Gibb side Poor little Scout will have to learn to be a little rough and tumble with the only 3 kids around her age being boys. And as for the Wolsey's they are over run with boys so what's one more..... Unless Auntie Noelle add's to our girl contribution???????


  1. haha. i'll contribute ONE girl... but the rest will be boys (hopefully). congrats tho! that's awesome! i'm sure he'll be a handsome lil fella. i don't think you two can make anything BUT adorable children!

  2. Thanks Michelle! And Yea we do make pretty cute baby's It always is a bit scary to start with me and Brad always assumed we would have funny looking babies. What do you guys think this one is Noelle(any idea)? Boy's really are fun, Im just sad not to be able to dress a girl again oh well we've got all the clothes for this one so it will be cheaper.

  3. Oh thats exciting!! Boys are fun too! I bet Brody is excited for another brother. Any names for a boy yet?

  4. Congrats! You know I have my own blog right?