Sunday, September 20, 2009

Craft Day!

So yesterday was a craft show that i was involved in. It was in Magrath it' the first out of the season of craft shows. I was not sure how it would go but it went really pretty well. I did good Lot's of my bag's and sold as well as the fabric flowers were big and of course the ties were a hit. BUT............

The biggest hit was the Kid's Surprise rocks.

So Brad and I found out that we had a scheduling conflict Saturday. I had this craft show that i had known about for Months and it happened to be on the same day as his parents were moving. So we compromised and i said the two big kids could come with me and the two little ones with him. So I thought to keep the kid's busy they would make there (now famous) Surprise rocks! So Brad and i fronted the start up costs for there new business ($12) and we got all the stuff to make them. So the Monday before the big sale they wrapped up the surprises while Brad and I made them into the rocks. The kid's were pretty excited but a little nervous about there first money making endeavor.

So the night before Paris picks out her best outfit (which i vetoed quickly, so she picked out something appropriate) and the next morning we loaded there little table into the truck with there rocks and poster and headed out to set up. My table had been set up the night before so we could concentrate on there's so we got it set up and after a little crying and using snotty voices and figuring out that they had the exact same leg space, they were set.

They made there first sale before the show even opened and pretty steady for a few minutes. The first $5 rolled in pretty quickly, then there was a little lull for a bout 60sec and the kid's go nervous thinking would if all there 30 min of making the rocks went to waist would they have to open all the rock's themselves? and then the craft fair started and within one hour they were completely sold out of rocks! The kid's took out there tithing and $10 each to put in there Christmas gift jars, $5 each for next craft sales supplies and then they had $7 to spend in lethbridge. So the kid's for there hour of selling made a grand total of $48, a dollar per rock.

Long story short, screw sewing I'm going into the rock business (Just kidding). But the kid's are doubling there rock making efforts and doing 100 rocks for there craft show and at a dollar a piece may be helping mom and dad buy all there Christmas presents.

The best thing was the kid's left the craft sale shortly after they got sold out and i kid you not people kept coming and asking me for the surprise rocks!!

Next time i'll take a picture of there table (the one time i don't have my camera)


  1. Tell them I'll buy 2 off of them when we come up! I am so impressed with their business skills. I'm glad your sales went well also. I am almost done with my watches and am excited for you to see them! xox

  2. Ok call me dumb.. but I have no idea what a surprise rock is... can you fill me in for those that don't catch on so quick.. maybe I need a picture.. i'm a visual learner.

  3. I'm impressed, way to go Brody and Paris.