Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our New Foxx

We did it finally....... After Paris asking for years and year well at least 5 years, for a puppy. Well we never felt up to adding that responcibility to our plate untill now. And really it was just the right opertunity.

Paris first Met Foxx at our family reunion in the summer time. She instantly fell in love. She went up to cardston to visit him often and take him on walks. And got a promise from Cliff (who is Mom's cousin and the owner of the dog) that when they die Paris can have the dogs. I think she started Praying immediately for Cliff and Marvelles demise. Anyway Cliff told Grandma they were think in it was getting to be to much to have them both so we thought really hard and decided we could handle a fully grown dog that is only 5 pound, and a completely potty trained dog, and a quite dog. He really is a super dog. So here we are with a 6 year old Pomeranian and I think Paris is in love!!

She's already asking if we can change it to a girl, which we said well they already kinda did, so she's already got the best clothes and Bling bling picked out for this little boy puppy.




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