Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jonah and the great fish

So for Christmas the Kid's got the entire set of Liken movies which are so great! They have Nephi and Laban, Ester and the king, Daniel and the lions den and more.

The Kid's are in love with them. They only get to watch them on Sundays to make them special. Unlike other kid's church movies these are acted no animated and they are musicals. Which are so great. Both kid's love them and have enjoyed having them.

So on to why I'm posting this is because they are having a contest to win tickets to see the live performance of Jonah and the great fish which is there new one that's out. So this counts as a entry, So I'm blogging about it. Here is the link to the website
Go check it out it's super great!! And wish me luck!!


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