Monday, July 12, 2010

What I did today...........

1. Taught B to do his laundry. He said this the other day " Mom I never have enough clean clothes, why don't you do my laundry more often?" Hence me teaching him to do it himself. He's regretting the comment already. I told him it's his job now, i will no longer touch his clothes.
2. got Paris off to summer camp, I think that was the best thing I've done so far this summer, Paris in the morning and B in the afternoon. No more nattering.
3. Took the kid's out to lunch at roosters. We sat at the tables outside and ate our wedges and donuts (I know, super healthy)
4. 2 of my beehives came over and made Bag's
5. I whipped up a skirt for Paris.
Wow it's only 5 o'clock and I've done 2 day's worth of my work. I really need a nap.


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