Friday, August 13, 2010

Top 29

Here are the top 29 moment's in my 29years
From Birth till today

1. When i was born

2.Christmas tree hunting with the Heath's

3. Pulling a Daniel Larrosso on the office door. Jayme trying to fix the "said" door, with his mini screw driver kit! (I've got the best Brother)

4. Sharing a room with my sister.

5.Walking straight home from school but not arriving home till 5:00pm, only then to be handed down the task of walking with Jayme to and from school the rest of my grade one year (yes he was already about 6 feet and i was maybe 4feet, so I learned to run to keep up)

6. Living so far away from school and walking everyday.

7. Driving to Texas and listening to Crystal Gail as much as everyone would allow.

8. Family reunion in Wisconsin. Best part cutting our glow sticks and flicking them around to make the whole room glow, then praying that no parents came down to check on us while it was dark.

9. My Baptism

10. Graduating grade 6

11. Living with Ali and Big Guy for the summer!

12. Dating a super cute boy!

13. My first Kiss (as awkward as it was)

14. Driving home from lethbridge and littering on the Wolsey section of the highway (before i was a wolsey)

15. Brad leaving on his mission

16. Finding out shortly after Brad leaving that i had a bad case of MONO not depression.

17. going to school most of my grade 12 year in my sweat's or Pj's, so when grad came around, and i dressed up i would look extra good.

19. Staying home New Year's eve 1999 and watching Movies in my PJ's all by myself.

20. The first night I saw Brad after he got home from his mission

21. Our one week span of talking on the phone to seeing each other again and then being engaged

22. Our Wedding

23. Our first Baby

24. Our Second Baby

25. Moving all the way to Texas

26. Finding some of the best friends so far away from home

27. Our little surprise that came home half baked from Texas

28. Buying our first home

29. Our final little Miracle



  1. KD, I am glad that the Wisconsin reunion made the list. However, after all the activities at the park (with free soda, hayrides, miniature golf), sailboating, Noah's Ark, and everything else that we did, your favorite part was your activities in the unfinished basement of our home? If I had know that you were so easy to please, it would have save me a lot of work! Anyways, it made me and Aunt Janice laugh!

    Uncle Bryan

  2. Haha I remember being so scared but thinking that I was one of the youngest so i would get in less trouble then the older girls! I remember having so much fun at that reunion!

  3. The "Glow-Stick Incident" was definately memorable! ~Kari