Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big Daddy Turns 31

Today Brad turned a big 31.  Yep that's right he survived his first 31 years of life.  I've got to admit i wish i could have done more for him today cause it ended up not so good for him.  He started off the day OK but by 11 he found out that the Lethbridge police had sent him a birthday surprise in the mail for $110 Well he pays them that money.  Yikes that's the second ticket in about a month or maybe 2.  Then he had a Uncomfortable appt with the urologist,  Really what is comfortable with a Urologist, (which he forgot about so he had to zip over there extra fast).  And then had to sit and hold my hand while the Dentist fixed my teeth.  He ended the day with a bowl of  Taco Soup and a Cake Made by Mom.  That i must say was his highlight I'm sure. 

Top 20 things I've learned about Brad as he goes so old.

1.I get to call him Big Daddy and there is no reaction to it,  He accepts that i call him that and moves on.
2. He always always Say's what, if i stare at him
3. He always Say's that he loves me even when I'm a pain in the butt
4. He acknowledges when he's in a rut and trys to change it.
5. He changes the oil in the car's
6. He likes to Play Wii with the kids (but prefers to play alone)
7. He pretty much let's the kid's run him
8.  He cleans like no other. 
9. He helps the kids clean there room (which actually they watch him clean it)
10. He makes dinner (usually better then me)
11. He's a kick butt Primary Chorister
12. He loves to golf
13. He loves to talk about golf
14. He won't go golfing with out his Dad
15. His idea of a good time is staying at home and watching a movie with me
16, His idea of a good time out on the town is a double feature movie with me
17. He orders the same thing at restaurant's,  He says he's going to try something different then he always panics at the the last minute and goes back to his regular
18. He rubs my hair and back Pretty much anytime i whine about anything. 
19. He's a excellent Kisser
20. He's very uncomfortable with PDA but he will still indulge if i throw myself at him.

So to sum up He's the best 31year old ever!  He's such a good husband, father, and the world's best Hygienist.
I love him so much!! And I'm glad he's My BIG DADDY.


  1. hahah ok well I must say Brad sounds like a keeper!

  2. For a second I thought it said that he rubs the hair on his back and I thought....ewww, too much information!!!! Yes, Brad is a Keeper for sure!! Happy Birthday Dude!!

  3. lol, hairy back! anyways, yes Brad is a great inlaw! him and nate have lots in common, cleaning, cooking, golf, etc...tell brad happy belated b-day from me!

  4. Sounds like it was a good one! I love reading your posts! They always make me laugh!