Monday, December 6, 2010

Who is this NINE year old living in my house? And what happened to my big headed BABY?

Well i was asking myself that question this morning!  My First baby is NINE years old today!  Oh how i miss the day's that i was stuck in the house with just one baby.  Thinking he was the crabbiest Baby on earth. (which he was not).  I miss the day's of thinking i was in total control of this little person.  I was going to raise him Properly and the way I wanted.  I am know lucky if i can get him out the door with his teeth brushed, Hair combed and not smelling like week old laundry. I miss the day's of him running full blast around corners and laughing cause he alway's cranked his big head around and came head first.  I miss thinking everything he did was so cute (that no longer happens pretty much ever). 

I do love all the good things that are coming from having a 9 year old.  He's such a good boy for the most part.  He loves his family and he's  a blessing to have in our home (most days).

We are so glad Brody is a part of our family.  He's got so many good quality's.
So the top 9 reason we love Brody are

1. He is a awesomee big brother
2. He let's me sleep in his bed with him (From BLAZE)
3. He is kind to me (Paris)
4. He's a awesome Babysitter when i have to sneak off of a few Minutes.
5.  he's very responsible
6. he is very strong willed
7.  he's got a great sense of humor (when we are not laughing at him)
8. He's got a flair for the Dramatics (yes he can still pitcha wild fit)
9. His Talent of Telling Stories.  Well It starts as a sentence but end's up being a 20 min. story.

We are so lucky to have this sweet spirit in our home (I Don't usually call  him that but it's his birthday and we are both in a good mood.)

He's been such a blessing for us.  We are glad he's our first!

Ok i didn't have Baby Pictures handy so here is a little picture of him.....

We had Cupcakes with G'ma and G'pa Wolsey and the other Wolsey family for Brody's birthday.




And of course Pancakes for the birthday breakfast.  Brody will Eat pancakes day or night or anywhere.





  1. we love you too, brody!!!! Happy B-day buddy!!!