Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh my good H

(By H i mean the place, in vain)

These boy's are killing me!  I do love them but I think I will appreciate them more now that it's spring (cross my fingers that it stays) and they can be outside all day. 

But today they chose to be inside with me.  I'm trying to Paint Blazers room.    I'm trying my very hardest to do a good job.  Brad Does not like me to paint without him but he knows if he Say's anything about me not doing it, or doing a crappy job, that he would come home to me, doing the entire thing by myself just to show him i could.  But he's been so busy and Blazer is wanting his room painted so bad,  Since the big kids got there's done. So I decided i would tape and do it on my own.  EEK.   Brad Does not let anyone cut a room but himself,  He's super super Anal (sorry Mom,  I know you hate that word)  But I don't know how else to explain how crazy he is about how the room is cut.  So i just did yesterday with out him knowing.

So  Blaze walked in when it was taped and i had the first coat of paint around the top,  He was so excited,  He said "Mommy, You decorating my room with tape"?  In a very excited voice.  I said "No Blazer,  That just helps Mom color in the  lines, (which it didn't). I'm taking it down after" then Blazer replied with a " No way mom i like it``.

Anyway yikes is all i can say, but really it`s not horrible.  Brad walked into the room and did a very controlled smile and then walked back out.  This morning he made a comment like,  Hey Let`s put Blaze to bed in our Bed and we`ll paint together,   Bahhahaha  He was trying to make it sound like a really fun thing to do together so i would wait for him.  Well it didn't work.  I`m pretty much done. 

It does not look so bad if you don`t look really close.  But i do think i`ll wait and let Brad Cut Knox`s room.  Just so he feel`s unreplacable. 

Anyway that was a huge preface to these pictures.  Knox thinks he`s a big huge help!!  I was on the other side of the room and turned around in mid lick.  Yep,  He just had to taste the paint,  Like everything else in his life he`s got to have a taste.  Anyway, Don`t worry It was only a tiny bit on the tip of his tongue and i washed it off fast.





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