Monday, August 29, 2011

Week of work

Ok not really a week of work,  But Brad got his big summer vacation this past week,  he took 2 days off!  I know it sucks but he got Thursday and Friday which if followed by a Saturday so it was like he got 3 days off!
Anyway we used those three day's wisely. 

Thursday he got the shelves in my craft room built,  then he spent the rest of the day installing the new DVD player in the van.  (I've got to say we've lived 7  months without one,  But I'm sure glad to have one back!)  Meanwhile i spent the day working on the little boy's bathroom. 

This is the before pictures  (i know they are bad but i was to lazy to change lens to get a whole shot but you get the idea)



I Painted, Fixed there shower curtain, painted the stool. Soon after that i was off taking pictures so i didn't get it finished.  So today was the day to finish this project!

I used old wood from another Pallet to make the towel bar.  So i was pretty proud of myself,  I got all the hooks attached and the whole thing attached to the wall by my self.  Anyway  This was  a great project.

Here is the after... (excuse the boy in his undies but on any given day that's how you would find him.)




Here is the breakdown of the cost for my gee whiz file.

Paint we had leftover from the hallways-free

Shower curtain-
Frog one was on sale at Target for $8
I purchased 2 brown shower curtains from walmart for $12 each
I had the argyle fabric already (a yard)
shower curtain hooks came with the house (they are so cute)
and it took me 2 hours to sew!

Towel Bar
the Pallet was free
The hooks came with the house- Free
I used my handy Dandy Silhouette and cut out the stencil for the frog's and the words - Free
Oh except i purchased 2 towels on clearance for $5 per towel so
10 but free sounds better

Little frog stool-
I got this at a garage sale for $1
I printed off another stencil from the handy dandy silhouette for free
Total for frog stool -$1

Frog Rug was $12

So the grand total for the makeover wasssss..................



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