Saturday, February 21, 2009

Big Day at the Wolsey House

I belive im way more excited then i should be but Today is B's Last hockey game!!!! Yea im so excited. I was not much of a fan of him playing in the first place but he has done very well with it and im afraid he will be ready to go again next year.

Also Yesterday Paris started sewing her very own blanket. She does a pretty good job of staying strait. She's having a great time and that gives me a little bit of a break from her constant talking and question asking. So when we gethome from the hockey game i'll post pictures of both.


  1. Wow! She's sewing?! That's awesome! I'm excited to see the pictures.

  2. I'm impressed she's sewing already... but I guess if that's all they see us do, then of couse they want to, too. The girls are always at my machien trying to 'sew', Ella even knows how to lift the presser foot and put fabric under there!
    Can't wait to see pics!!