Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

So it was our 8 year anniversary yesterday! 8 Whole years together. We went out to a double feature which was so fun and we havent done in forever. We went and saw the show taken which was so so good! then for the second show we went to the Mall Cop which was a good one timer, Kinda funny but not as funny as we hoped it woul be.>

So if you know me at all you know that i like big pictures the bigger the better.... Not sure why but i had a very nice camera and Brad had to buy me a new one just so i could blow up the pictures even bigger!! I'm crazy about huge pictures. Anyway i had a few done for the kitchen and i told missy i would post a picture so here it is of my pictures.


  1. Hey so I had to 'create' a blog just so I can comment on yours...
    anyways, you need to post a link to 'how to' on those matching things... so cute!!
    and I love your big pictures!!! so cute too. You are so talented. Were you ever able to sell your other camera?

  2. Hey, you better do some of Scoutty when she's there in a couple of weeks. They look soooo cute!!

  3. I too love big pictures, those ones you did of your kids are adorable!! What kind of camera did you get? Your old one was a nikon right?

  4. I'm so glad you have a blog now too. Yay! Love your wall color!

  5. I'll always remember your anniversary, it was the next day (today 8 yrs ago) that I got engaged.