Sunday, March 15, 2009

One of those Day's

So today was one of those days for me. Blaze did not nap before church and wouldn't go to nursery instead i had to haul him around with me all church day. And it's an pregers emotional day that I'm crying about nothing but i cant quit. Oh i hate these days. But on a brighter but sadder note these are some of the pictures of took of Scoutt, the sad thing is she had to go home with her mommy and daddy...... I guess they missed her

On a good note yesterday i told Brad i would take the kids away for the majority of the day so he can finish all the little things around the house. So we took off about 12:30 and went out to mom's old stomping grounds of Del Bonita and Whiskey Gap. On mom's red wall in her house it's pretty plain so it was mom's great idea for big pictures but we didn't know of what. We wanted them to be kinda random but something that meant something to her so we decided the old building of her growing up. So here are a few of the ones we took......

And i just have to say the picture of the rock is not a random rock...... But it is funny a picture of a rock Hope you like them all mom!


  1. Sorry I had to take MY CHILD home with me!!! I love all the pics...great job....